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ER-FIMU-50 Minimum FOG IMU (Same performance to KVH 1775)

ER-FIMU-50 Minimum FOG IMU (Same performance to KVH 1775)


ER-FIMU-50: 1. Minimum FOG IMU: F89mm*73mm; similar performance to KVH 1775, LN200; 2. Gyro-Bias stability/repeatability: 0.5°-1°/h, accelerometer-25g; 3. For navigation, control and dynamic measurement.

Ericco inertial system
Xi'an, CN


ER-FIMU-50 FOG IMU is a minimum cost-effective inertial measurement device for navigation, control and dynamic measurement. The system adopts high reliability closed-loop fiber optic gyroscope and accelerometer, and ensures the measurement accuracy through multiple compensation techniques. Strict technology is adopted in the manufacturing process to ensure that the angular motion and linear motion parameters of the carrier can be accurately measured under harsh conditions.

The product has a great user experience. In addition to the wide-voltage power supply, users can also configure the output bandwidth, data update rate, communication port baud rate and communication protocol according to their needs. 


Minimum optical fiber IMU

Full temperature compensation

Strong shock resistance and vibration resistance


Data update rate: 100Hz~4000Hz

Baud rate configurable, up to 921.6Kbps


Wide voltage supply 9V~31V

Power consumption 4.8 W



Guidance control system

Vehicle and ship attitude measurement

Inertial/satellite integrated navigation system

Drilling system

Mobile mapping system

Satellite communication in motion

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