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DWTEK Micro Circular Connectors

DWTEK Micro Circular Connectors

Bulkhead, Inline, Dummy, Right Angle, PBOF, Overmold

With its superior chemical resistance, high-pressure rating, excellent electrical properties, and outstanding hydrolysis resistance, our product stands as a reliable and versatile solution in a wide range of industrial applications. Its exceptional durability and performance make it an ideal choice for demanding environments.


Our product has been rigorously tested and complies with industry standards, ensuring its compatibility and reliability in various underwater applications. Whether it's used in subsea cables, offshore oil and gas equipment, or marine vessels, our product's exceptional qualities ensure it can withstand the harshest conditions and deliver consistent results.

In an era where durability, safety, and performance are paramount, our product not only meets but exceeds expectations, providing peace of mind to engineers and professionals across industries.

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Wet mateable

Material connector body

Brass (BR), stainless steel 316 (SS), anodized aluminum (AL), titanium (TI) or peek (PE)

Depth rating (m)




Voltage max {V}


Material contacts

Gold plated brass

High speed data {Mbit/s}



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