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DVL333 Compact - 6000 m

DVL333 Compact - 6000 m

Bottom-Track From 0.3 to 375 M Range; 6000 M Operational Depth

The DVL333 Compact is a long-range Doppler Velocity Log that benefits from increased range with no compromise in performance or form factor. It allows vehicles to maintain bottom lock in a greater range of environments, increasing mission duration on long-range subsea vehicles. This 333 kHz DVL is used by innovators in the uncrewed vehicle sector looking to expand vehicle capabilities into new environments.



  • Bottom track from 0.3-375 m range
  • Per-ping and per-beam data quality estimates
  • No change in form factor compared to higher-frequency options


  • Large UUVs/ AUVs operating at high altitudes
  • USVs and crewed surface vessels requiring redundant navigation input
  • Easy integration with high-end inertial navigation systems (INS)

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