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An Award-Winning 3D Lidar & Imaging Solution for Underground Asset Inspection & Mapping

Telesto can be retro-fitted to boats, floating platforms, robotic crawler units, and other vehicles that can be pulled, pushed or propelled through linear infrastructures, such as sewers, culverts, storm drains, and tunnels. It collects both Lidar and HD video footage from multiple angles, which is then post-processed by Telesto software via a data platform. It is primarily used for condition assessment, profiling for design and rehabilitation, and for geolocation (line and level surveys).

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Headlight AI
Headlight AI Limited, 69 Old Street,
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United Kingdom


In 2020 Telesto won the Utility Pipeline Technology Award from the Pipeline Industry Guild, and an Innovation Award from the Institute of Water. This was due to its ability to produce 3D maps of wastewater networks in semi-turbulent flow conditions, which can reduce the need for person-entry inspection of such infrastructure, and provides enhanced information when compared with CCTV surveys.

As a result, Telesto provides a major health and safety benefit to contractors and infrastructure owners, in addition to cost savings when conducting underground surveys of large diameter pipes (>900mm). It also provides quantitative, objective information that can be used to assess the condition of an asset, or provide valuable information that can be used to inform the design of lining or other remediation works.

Furthermore, if construction is due to take place above or near wastewater infrastructure then Telesto can be used to determine the geolocation of the asset and its depth (line and level). This information can be used to inform project decisions quicker and safer than with traditional methods, whilst still providing assurance on the accuracy of the information.

Telesto consists of hardware and software.

The hardware includes:

  1. Lidar Module 1 (LM1), housing an optical laser system, a CPU and an IMU.
  2. Camera Module (CM), housing 4 cameras (arranged for maximum coverage).
  3. Battery Module (BM), a rechargeable battery unit that provides powers to the device.
  4. Lidar Module 2 (LM2), identical to LM1 but used in a different orientation and required for optimal location information.

The software includes:

  1. A Control Application (CA), accessed via a mobile device or computer, allows users to register and connect to the device and monitor the general health and status of the hardware components.
  2. A form that allows the user(s) to enter project details and start data capture (after successful login to the Telesto™ CA).
  3. A function that allows users to download the data to an external device and/or upload it to a cloud service for processing. Processed data can subsequently be accessed via the Data Platform (DP).


  • Applications
    Condition assessment, 3D profiling for design and rehabilitation, and geolocation (line and level surveys) of large diameter (>900mm) water and wastewater infrastructure.
  • Type
  • Year of last update
  • Year of introduction
  • Height [cm]
  • Width [cm]
  • Length [cm]
  • Weight [kg]
  • Water sand and dust proof
  • Battery type [120 characters]
    LiPo Battery
  • Operating time on single battery [hr]
  • SLAM algorithm implemented
  • Number of cameras
  • Number of laser scanners
  • Wavelength [nm]
  • Laser safety classification
    Class 1
  • Min. Range [m]
  • Max Range [m]
  • Scans per second
  • Range precision [1 sigma in mm]
  • Data storage type [120 characters]
    On-board storage
  • Max. data storage [Internal + External in Gb]
  • Software name
    Telesto Data Platform
  • Output data [point cloud, images, mesh, ...]
    3D point clouds, images, videos, annotated videos, deformation report
  • Output file formats
    LAS, E57, RCP, ASCII, MP4, DWG
  • Training facilities
  • Main applications
    Condition assessment, 3D profiling, and geolocation

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