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Correvate Vercator Desktop Registration Software

Fast and automatic registration of 3D point clouds

Vercator Desktop software allows surveyors to take full advantage of targetless scanning then register point cloud data quickly and accurately. Improve point cloud processing efficiency, speed up your workflow and achieve scan alignment accuracy.

  • Correvate Vercator Desktop Registration Software
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Fast, accurate and automatic point cloud registration software

Point clouds are created by laser scanners and can be used to create visual models of everything from geographic terrain to the built environment or any object within them. Vercator software greatly improves the alignment of 3D point cloud data by making it a faster, easier and more robust process. Evolving from UCL spin-out technology, Vercator software lowers the barriers to onsite data capture, speeds up scan alignment and makes downstream analysis more convenient.

The software improves the time-consuming scanning phase and simplifies the reality capture process through:

  • Eliminating the need for artificial targets during scanning
  • Automating 3D dataset registration using natural targets
  • Compatibility with common data sources and formats
  • Significantly reducing data registration and processing time
  • Enhancing accuracy with traceable, repeatable reporting

These features deliver substantial user benefits through significantly increased cost and process efficiencies - less time staging a scan, less time extrapolating the data, yet still providing repeatable and accurate results.

Increase speed and maintain accuracy

Vercator® software is a new solution to automatically register 3D point clouds - saving time in the field through targetless scanning and faster point cloud processing in the office.

  1. Targetless Scanning - minimise the time it takes to stage scans by eliminating the need to place artificial targets, saving you time in the field
  2. Automatic Registration - automatically register overlapping scans to achieve registration alignment, saving you time in the office
  3. Reliable Data - eliminate identification faults, produce accurate data to meet industry standards, enhance performance and hit deadlines


  • Source of Point Clouds
    Indoor TLS, Outdoor TLS
  • Year of initial introduction
  • Year of last update
  • Processor
  • RAM [GB]
  • Input formats
    rdbx, ptx, e57, fls, pts, zfx
  • Output formats
    e57, las, laz, ply, pts, rcs, xyz
  • Geo-referencing
  • Automatic Target Detection
  • Stitching multiple scans

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