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Correvate Vercator Cloud

Vercator cloud delivers game-changing 3D point cloud registration

Our new cloud-based registration service allows users to harness the power of the cloud to rapidly align laser scan data sets more accurately and cost-effectively. It also provides a platform on which we plan to add additional processing services. With a brand-new interface, user-friendly controls, and intuitive workflow, Vercator cloud makes laser scan alignment simple and reliable.

  • Correvate Vercator Cloud
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The new Vercator® cloud service automatically aligns point cloud data created by static terrestrial laser scanners, saving time in the field by enabling targetless scanning and in the office by registering data sets in the cloud. This powerful new service is aimed at land surveyors, engineers and those involved in reality capture, and brings automation at a time where cost efficiency is high on the stakeholder agenda. The power of cloud processing offers vast improvements to the survey and reality capture community by delivering faster, reliable, more accurate and affordable point cloud registration. With no need for hard- and software updates, computer performance issues and user concerns are eliminated. Plus, with the prospect of 5G data technology imminent, the convenience of working and sharing from the cloud signals a clear path forward for the laser scanning community.

With a brand-new interface, user-friendly controls, and intuitive workflow, Vercator cloud makes laser scan alignment simple and reliable. Load a scan network from the Vercator mobile app or plan your own using the handy network planning tool, set your scan parameters, then just hit ‘register’. With support for all the major scanner manufacturer formats, preparing raw laser scans for downstream work couldn’t be easier. Once complete, export the files and share with colleagues and collaborators.


Vercator cloud operates a pay-as-you-go model, allowing users to subscribe to the service as and when needed, with the flexibility to turn the service on and off as required each month.

How it works:

  • Use the free trial to register a maximum of 100 scans
  • The trial gives you 30 days to test the service
  • To download more you must become a member
  • Membership costs a minimum of 20 tokens per month
  • Tokens give you the ability to register scans
  • Example: 123 scans will require 123 tokens
  • Use the cost calculator to work out token costs

The new service utilises a token system whereby users only pay for what is used at 1 token per scan registered. Monthly membership costs 20 tokens which provide 100GB of storage and access to registration and other new features when released (membership cost waived for large scale users). And with your data stored in the cloud, projects can be shared with the click of a button.



  • Year of initial introduction
  • Year of last update
  • Source of Point Clouds
    Indoor TLS, Outdoor TLS
  • Supported Systems
    Chrome, Firefox, Edge
  • RAM [GB]
  • HD [GB]
  • Use of GPU
  • Processor
  • Stereo Display
  • Stand-alone
  • Input formats
    fls, zfs, rdbx, ptx, e57, pts
  • Output formats
    e57, xyz, ply, pts, las, laz, rcs
  • Stitching multiple scans
  • Zoom, pan and rotate
  • Fly-throughs
  • CAD software
  • Assigning colour from imagery to points
  • Support

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