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SOLV3D Inc. SOLV3D engine

The easiest point cloud processing software you've ever used.

SOLV3D engine (Engine) offers functionality bundled in a unique, user-friendly graphical interface that processes 3D point cloud data from ANY source (UAV/drone, terrestrial, aerial, etc.) from any sensor manufacturer.

  • SOLV3D Inc. SOLV3D engine
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Engine includes an extensive series of optimized functions and algorithms for point cloud processing, format conversion, tiling, transformation, manipulation and more.

Increase the productivity of processing efforts with the ability to chain together functions to create a complex workflow, which once configured, can be saved for future re-use.

The unique LAS Viewer that is included with Engine, loads data in an efficient and effective manner, allowing for quick viewing of large point clouds, without having to wait for the entire file to load.

Computer system requirements are minimal (it can run on a laptop) and the annual subscription, concurrent user model, allows for the license to be transferred between machines.

Try it today, with a fully featured, free evaluation account -

Tutorials and System Requirements also available for download.


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