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QPS Qimera

Multibeam Processing and Point Cloud Editing

QPS Qimera is an evolution in hydrographic data processing, making it as intuitive and as simple as possible, while still offering the most advanced and cutting edge tools to ensure high quality products and rapid delivery.

  • QPS Qimera
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3707 NH Zeist
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Qimera offers full sonar processing and point cloud cleaning for a wide variety of industry standard formats, and supports surface vessels, ROV, AUV, and ASV survey platforms. Qimera is easy, and will always remain so, with rich data extraction for a streamlined, "hands off" data import; guided workflows to reduce human error and training requirements; and intelligent processing state management that ensures the correct sequence of post-processing actions with a single click. Automation is achieved via Qimera Live, for near real-time data processing; and highly customizable filters for rapid data cleaning. Advanced analysis tools include the easy to use multibeam calibration (Patch Test) tool; time series and multiplots dynamically linked to bathymetry for rapid cross-referencing; and extinction tests to find the outer extents that a multibeam system can achieve. Advanced tools to ensure high data quality include the Wobble Analysis to diagnose and fix any errors in the multibeam and motion sensor integration; and the automated, repeatable TU Delft Sound Speed Inversion to mitigate refraction error. Advanced workflows to greatly increase efficiency include cooperative cleaning, which allows multiple personnel to work on the same project simultaneously; and "Connected" S-57 feature management that ensures agreement between features and bathymetry. Qimera offers Geocoder Toolbox as an add-on for backscatter processing and mosaicking, and Midwater for rapid water-column processing. Qimera is fully compliant on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.


  • Modules
    Qimera, Qimera Clean, Qimera LIVE, Qimera Midwater, Geocoder Toolbox, ENC Plus, TU Delft Sound Speed Refraction correction
  • Source of Point Clouds
    Airborne Lidar, Photogrammetric
  • Supported Systems
  • RAM [GB]
  • HD [GB]
  • Use of GPU
  • Processor
  • Stereo Display
  • List software environment, e.g. Microstation
    Windows, MAC, Linux
  • Input formats
    ASCII XYZ, LAS, LAZ, Atlas, CnC, FAU, GeoSwath SFF, Hydro 93 binary, Hysweep HS2, LADS Mark II, MBSystem Fast Bathymetry File, MPA/CARIS ASCII, MapInfo MIF, NAVO GSF, ASCII Lidar, OMG Merge, PDS2000, PFM, QPS QPD, RAN HTF, SHOALS, SHOM, Swedish Binary DIS, XSE Data exchange
  • Output formats
    CnC, Hydro 93, Swedish Binary DIS, MPA/CARIS ASCII
  • Geo-referencing
  • Zoom, pan and rotate
  • Adding Points
  • Removing Points
  • Regular Grid DEMs
  • Contour Lines
  • Support
    online / phone / user meetings / webinars
  • Training
  • Typical applications
    Editing and Visualization
  • Distinguishing features
    Fast, easy, powerful

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