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GreenValley International LiPowerline

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LiPowerline offers a complete and intuitive solution for power line inspection from LiDAR point clouds.

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GreenValley International
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United States
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LiPowerline offers an intuitive and highly efficient solution for power line inspection from LiDAR point clouds.

This software includes powerful tools for the automatic and manual classifying of power lines, transmission towers, vegetation, buildings, and other objects of interest.

The program can be used to automate the detection of user defined danger points (e.g., vegetation encroachment and tree fall hazards).

Built-in reporting functions allow users to quickly generate detailed project reports and results can be exported as KML formatted files.

When carrying out detailed transmission tower inspections with drones, operators can define a flight plans that consider transmission tower designs based on previously collected point cloud data.

The point cloud data is used to develop pre-planning flight routes that target the main components of the tower during high-resolution image capture.


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    Advanced Classification Tools,Real-Time Working Conditions Analysis,Simulate & Predict Environmental Variabilities,Inspections Based on LiDAR Data
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