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Aerial crop analysis for digital farming.

PIX4Dfields is the software solution for modern agriculture. Use this product to implement precision agriculture, which means short processing times that produce high accuracy results backed by years of scientific research. Get multispectral imagery, zonation maps, and make spray or treatment plans for your crops. Take advantage of drones and PIX4Dfields to take your work to the next level, all without an internet connection. Used for agriculture and crop insurance management.

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PIX4Dfields provides aerial crop analysis for digital farming. Turn drone images into action with state-of-the-art photogrammetry outputs designed especially for agriculture. Tackle challenges in the field by converting drone images to orthomosaics, digital surface models, vegetation index maps, zones and prescription maps to help you maximize operational efficiency.



An intuitive representation of your field that helps you identify issues faster.

Field boundary
Import or draw your field boundaries to focus your analysis only on your areas of interest.

Vegetation index map (NDVI, NDRE...)
Understand your plant stress by exploring the different vegetation indices.

Digital surface model
Get more detail about your irrigation variability and pinpoint erosion-prone areas with an elevation model of your field.

Zonation map
Generate zones based on vegetation index maps and digital surface models.

Prescription maps
Assign application rates for use in variable rate application maps.

Convey more valuable and actionable information by adding annotations to your maps.


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  • System includes hardware
  • Operating system(s)
    Mac OS: High Sierra / Windows: Windows 10
  • CPU (min.)
    Intel i3 / AMD Phenom
  • CPU (preferred)
    Intel i5 / i7 / AMD Ryzen
  • Min. RAM memory [Mb]
  • Preferred RAM memory [Mb]
  • Resolution

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