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PIX4Dcatch is the mobile photogrammetry app, turning mobile devices into powerful 3D scanners, taking advantage of new Lidar capabilities in phones (when available). Use PIX4Dcatch to easily collect the right data to generate an accurate 3D replica of a location, be it the ground around a construction site, a stockpile near a mine, or a cell tower. Used in construction, surveying, mining, and public safety.

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PIX4Dcatch allows you to:

Capture ground data: Walk along or around the area of interest. PIX4Dcatch automatically records video frames with position and orientation information.

Track progress: Thanks to augmented reality, get live feedback on the covered area and the completeness of the scan with a 3D mesh layer overlayed on the video frame (only on Apple iPad Pro and Apple iPhone 12 Pro equipped with LiDAR sensor).

Pause and restart: Pause the recording at any time. The augmented reality feedback remains on your device’s screen and shows you which parts have been covered already.

Finish: Upload the captured images to PIX4Dcloud or export them to PIX4Dmapper to generate accurate and easy to share 3D models and point clouds. Measure distances, areas, and volumes, and perform virtual inspections.

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