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LidarSwiss Solutions LSAP

LiDAR Synchronous Acquisition and Processing

LSAP technology, LiDAR Synchronous Acquisition and Processing, integrates the complicated data processing steps of existing LiDAR typical workflows with LidarSwiss’ proprietary algorithm to automatically process the data on-board during data acquisition.

When data acquisition is completed, the user will get the completed colorized laser point cloud data of the entire mission. Not a single step of processing workflow is required!

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How the Technology Works: LSAP conducts the following steps automatically:
  • Selection of the data collection of the target area
  • Filtering of redundant data, such as; take-off, landing, and turning
  • Trajectory calculation
  • Generation of laser point clouds
  • Adjustment of the height difference between the airstrips
  • Precise RGB attribution to the points during laser geo-referencing
  • LiDAR system calibration value applied to data processing for accuracy control
  • Separate folder creation for finished data while raw data is kept in a different file
The data obtained has the following characteristics:
  • Edge-matched data for the target area only
  • Global positioning coordinates
  • Ready for distance measuring and area, or volume, calculation
  • RGB value on each point
  • Data accuracy equivalent to post-processing
We Process Files x3 Faster than Our Competitors

See the LidarSwiss workflow in contrast to the traditional process below. 
This comparison of processing steps and elapsed time to output RGB laser files from a Nano P60 mission aboard an M600 UAV.

RGB Attribution is a Dramatic Aid to Data Interpretation

Each LidarSwiss sensor is designed and constructed to RGB attribute laser data in our standard workflow.  There is ZERO additional effort required to create this type of data.


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