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ANB Sensors Ltd OC & AQ Series pH Sensors

Calibration free pH technology

The OC & AQ Series pH Sensor' use ANB’s patented technology to provide a pH sensor that is calibration-free and does not suffer from reference electrode drift during its entire deployment.

  • ANB Sensors Ltd OC & AQ Series pH Sensors
ANB Sensors Ltd
6 Old Farm Business Centre, Church Road
CB23 2RF Toft
United Kingdom


ANB Sensors, a leading UK scientific technology company have developed ground-breaking solid-state sensors for pH, conductivity & temperature. These innovative and revolutionary sensors, require NO calibration, operate to depths of 1250 metres in any orientation in fresh or saltwater environments. Uniquely they can be stored wet or dry, require simple maintenance, are extremely rugged and have exceptionally low on-going costs ideally suited for long term, cost effective remote monitoring in harsh and demanding environments. Thus, removing the fundamental issues seen with the conventional, fragile glass electrodes which require frequent manual calibration. These intelligent and easy to use, calibration-free sensors, are ideally suited for use in any sensing platform in freshwater, saltwater and aquaculture applications.

Product Spec Sheet

Watch here for an Introduction to our Solid State sensor technology



  • Application
  • Width [cm]
  • Length [cm]
  • Weight in air [kg]
  • Weight in water [kg]
  • Housing Material
    Delrin, Titanium
  • Power supply max. [V]
  • Operating temperature: max. [°C]
  • Operating temperature: min. [°C]
  • Max depth [m]
  • Power consumption [W]
  • (Physical) Ports (USB, LAN, RS-232, etc.)
    RS-485, RS-232, USB, i2C
  • pH Accuracy
    0.05 pH
  • pH Range
    pH 2 - 10
  • pH Resolution
    0.01 pH

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