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Teledyne Marine SeaBat T50-ASV

High Resolution Multibeam Echosounder

The SeaBat T50-ASV is built around the renowned SeaBat T50 and maintains the incredible SeaBat® data quality in a smaller form factor. Now, optimized power requirements ensure extended and crucial mission time on battery-powered vehicles.

  • Teledyne Marine SeaBat T50-ASV
Teledyne Marine
1026 North Williamson Blvd.
32114 Daytona Beach
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The SeaBat® T50-ASV includes the unmatched Tracker Autopilot offering truly autonomous sonar operation without sacrificing resolution or speed. Internal storage, integrated data acquisition software
and the latest developments in integrated INS complete the survey solution.

ASV Sonar Processor:
• OEM integrated on the vehicle
• Internal dry cables to bulkhead
• Easy to use Amphenol connectors

Sonar head
• 190 – 420kHz frequency agile
• Robust titanium housing
• Customized cables to accurately match vehicle

SeaBat® T50-ASV is designed for and offered to selected manufacturers of uncrewed and autonomous platforms. Contact your local Teledyne Marine representative for information about which selected ASV manufacturers currently offer the SeaBat® T50-ASV.






  • Equi-angular/equi-distant mode

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