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Sea & Sun Technology MSS60

Microstructure Turbulence Profiler

The MSS60 is a multiparameter probe for measuring micro-scale water stratification as well as the intensity of small scale turbulence in water down to approx. 500 m, preferably in coastal water, rivers and lakes. The MSS60 profiler may be equipped with up to 5 different sensors (7 different parameters) mounted at the bottom cap.

  • Sea & Sun Technology MSS60
Sea & Sun Technology
Arndtstrasse 9-13
24610 Trappenkamp


The microstructure measuring system comprises the MSS profiler, a special winch, a probe interface and a data acquisition computer. The probe interface is adapted to the PC (laptop or desktop) via USB port.

Standard sensor equipment:

  • Pressure transducer
  • Temperature (PT100)*
  • Conductivity
  • 2 x Shear
  • Fast temperature sensor (NTC)
  • Acceleration (vibrations) – intern

* combined temperature and conductivity sensor

Microstructure investigation requires an undisturbed measuring procedure of the profiling instrument. Effects caused by cable tension (vibrations) and the ship’s movement have to be excluded by buoyancy driven free sinking of the MSS Profiler. This requires a slack in the cable near to the profiler. The loop in the cable is generated and kept during the profiling by immersing sufficient cable into the water. For vertical sinking measurements, the profiler has to be balanced with a slightly negative buoyancy which gives it a sinking velocity in the range between 0.3 to 0.7 m/sec.

The profiler can be manually handled and recovered. For more convenient operation, a special portable winch can be used. The data are transmitted via electrical cable to a board unit and further to a data acquisition PC. The on board unit comprises the power supply for the profiler and the receiver of the data link. The data are stored on the hard disc of the acquisition PC during the measuring process.

The basic hardware system for microstructure field measurements consists of 4 parts

  • microstructure profiler
  • USB-Interface and power supply
  • sea cable connection between interface and profiler
  • PC, Laptop or Notebook with USB interface

The measuring system can be powered either by mains (230VAC or 115VAC, standard version) or battery (12 VDC, option).
For data acquisition the high speed Micro-Structure Data Acquisition program MSDA is used. MSDA displays the received data and stores it on hard disk. Graphical functions enable a convenient operation of the system.

Standard sensor equipment:

  • Pressure transducer
  • Temperature (PT100)
  • Conductivity
  • 2 x Shear
  • Fast temperature sensor (NTC)
  • Acceleration (vibrations) – intern

Main features:

  • up to 5 sensors (7 Parameters) + internal sensors
  • non-corrosive titanium housing
  • depth range up to 500 m
  • 16 channels (more internal sensors possible)
  • 1024 scans/s
  • resolution 16 bit
  • baudrate 614 kbit (via USB-Interface)
  • easy data acquisition and evaluation software


  • Application
  • Height [cm]
  • Diameter [mm]
  • Weight in air [kg]
  • Housing Material
  • Max. operating depth [m]
  • Min Operating Temperature [degr]
  • Max Operating Temperature [degr]
  • (Physical) Ports (USB, LAN, RS-232, etc.)
  • Conductivity Accuracy [mS/cm]
  • Conductivity Measurement Range [mS/cm]
  • Conductivity resolution [mS/cm]
  • Dissolved Oxygen Accuracy
    ± 2 % sat.
  • Dissolved Oxygen Range
    0 - 250% sat.
  • Dissolved Oxygen Resolution
    0,01 % sat.
  • Pressure Initial Accuracy
    up to 0.05 % full scale
  • Pressure Range
    up to 50 bar
  • Pressure Resolution
    0.002 %
  • Temperature Range
    -2 - 36 °C
  • Temperature Accuracy
    ± 0.002 °C
  • Temperature Resolution
    0.002 %
  • Sample rate
    1024 sata sets / sec

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