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Viametris vMS3D

Urban and road scanner 3D scan

The vMS3D vehicle mobile scanner integrates a 360° camera, a rotating LiDAR, an internal navigation system with GNSS receiver and a second LIDAR to make the device compatible with our 6DOF LiDAR-SLAM tech
More design-orientated and compact, this second-generation version of the 3D mobile vehicle scanner has been fully redesigned.

  • Viametris vMS3D
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53950 Louverné
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New generation, new design

The system component (including the sensors) and the element to fix the device to the vehicle (the frame) are separated.

• The system, which has been completely redesigned, is now much lighter (9kg) and more compact.

• The mechanism to fix the scanner to the vehicle consists on of completely rigid metal frame, fixed onto two roof bars, now holds the system, which fits into a dedicated compartment in seconds. As the frame is totally rigid, this limits all vibrations between the system and the vehicle and thus prevents any strain on the mechanics during acquisition.

• The second auxiliary antenna which measures the heading by satellite, is discreet and non-removable, and fixed directly to the vehicle chassis.

An easy-to-use system

Light (9kg) and compact, it only takes one person to mount the system and this can be done in under three minutes in a configuration where the frame remains permanently fixed to a dedicated vehicle.

Furthermore, the alignment phase takes place the first time the system is mounted and does not need to be repeated. This saves valuable time each start.

A whole host of technological features

The vMS3D comprises a set of robust and stable components.

>    The integrated connectors are next-generation and embedded-grade.

>    The control box for power supply and communication with the tablet has been moved inside the vehicle to offer increased comfort to the user.


  • Year of initial introduction
  • Year of last update
  • Application
  • GNSS receiver: Brand and model
    448 channels - L1/L2, B1/B2, E1/E5B, RAW
  • Number of antennas
  • Tracked GNSS signals
  • Ground control point integration supported
  • IMU: Brand and model
    SBG-Systems Ellipse2-D
  • Brand and model
    Panoramic 30MP FLIR Ladybug5+ camera
  • Number of cameras
  • Brand
    VLP-16 lidar sensor
  • Number of laser scanners
  • Min. Range [m]
  • Max Range [m]
  • Max. measurement rate [kHz]
  • Other Software
    VIAMETRIS Post-Processing Software
  • Recommended software (If no software included)
    PPiMMS software
  • Max. speed [km/hr]
  • Main applications
    Mapping of urban areas
  • Distinguishing features
    integrates a 360° camera, a rotating LiDAR, an INS and GNSS - if GNSS fails the system can choose inertial LiDAR-SLAM

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