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PolyExplore, Inc. POLYFUSION-MAPPER data collection and sensor fusion solution

Precision, integrated sensory data collection and fusion solution for mobile HD mapping and self-driving applications

• A complete solution for sensor data collection with a centimeter-level accuracy • Precision RTK GNSS/INS with multiple Inertial sensor options • LiDAR and Camera synchronization with an internal PPS signal available during GPS blackouts • Distance measurement indicator (DMI) to improve the performance in GNSS denied environments • LiDAR and Camera data annotated with the position, accuracy, time and attitude data • Comes with post-processing software

  • PolyExplore, Inc. POLYFUSION-MAPPER data collection and sensor fusion solution
PolyExplore, Inc.
2210 O.Toole Ave., #240
95131 San Jose
United States


The POLYFUSION-MAPPER is a precise, highly integrated data collection and sensor fusion solution for mobile 3D mapping and self-driving applications. The system synchronizes and collects such sensory inputs as LiDAR(s), Camera(s), and annotates them with precision centimeter-level location and time data. The systems can collect Radar data, as well.

The POLYFUSION-MAPPER system supported by the post-processing, easy to use, software, allowing the fusion of lidar and camera data into a single point cloud file, creating instant colorized 3D models with the centimeter-level accuracy. More types of sensors or multiple similar sensors integrated upon request.

The system includes precision dual-frequency RTK GNSS/INS with centimeter-level accuracy, the sensor fusion board, and ample data storage.

The system GNSS/INS features dual-frequency RTK with a centimeter-level accuracy and compact, robust design. The PolyNav 2000 family provides superior performance during GNSS signal outages through its tightly coupled GNSS and INS systems. Furthermore, the system is capable of continuously generating highly accurate attitude measurements regardless of whether the platform is moving or static. Also included is a digital quadrature counter which can be used as a distance measurement indicator (DMI) to improve the performance in challenging environments. The system can output an internal PPS signal and timestamps so that sensor fusion can be done even without GPS PPS. A Heave message for the Marine applications also included.

The PolyNav 2000 provides performance close to FOG systems and ideal for such applications as  HD Mapping, Bathymetry, Autonomous Driving and many more.




  • Year of initial introduction
  • Year of last update
  • Application
  • GNSS receiver: Brand and model
    Polynav 2000
  • Number of antennas
  • Update rate of GNSS receiver
  • Number of wheel sensors
  • Ground control point integration supported
  • Number of cameras
  • Number of laser scanners
  • Measurements per laser pulse
  • Absolute accuracy (1 σ):
  • Processor
  • Size hard disk [GB]
  • Photogrammetry Software
  • Laser Point Clouds Software
  • Max. speed [km/hr]
  • Built-in Stabilisation
  • Training provided

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