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Viametris iMS3D

Indoor 3D scan

The iMS3D indoor mobile scanner is the perfect tool for continuous 3D scanning of small surfaces and large buildings/factories, even with moving crowds. It delivers 3D colorized point cloud (centimeter accuracy) coupled to panoramic images and trajectory. It uses proprietary SLAM technology.

  • Viametris iMS3D
Boulevard de la Communication / Koi centre d'Affaires
53950 Louverné


The iMS3D is the world's first indoor mobile mapping scanner with LiDAR-SLAM technology. The scanner was designed in 2011. It is able to scan and to grab 360° images in any indoor area. It is specially made for narrow environments and crowed offices. 
This technology has been developed to provide an efficient answer to the As-Built industry. Panoramic images are fully compatible with our WebViewer solution in order to share immediately the result with building managers.



  • Application
  • Size with case
    140 X 50 x 60 cm
  • Weight [kg]
  • Min. Operation temp. [°C]
    - 10
  • Max. Operation temp. [°C]

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