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Topcon RC-5 Remote Controller

Establish prism lock in seconds! When you don't have line of sight to the sky.

600 meter Longlink Communication
Can be used with multiple Topcon data Collectors
300 meter Quick Lock
Waterproof IP-55
40 hours on one Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

  • Topcon RC-5 Remote Controller
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Bluetooth remote controller

No matter whose robotic instrument you operate there will always be instances during field work of loss of lock between the robotic station and the user at the robotic pole. The Topcon solution provides the fastest and simplest method of establishing prism lock between the instrument and the robotic pole offering an effortless “single tap” within the field software!

The RC-5 Remote Controller rests on the top of the prism pole, and emits a fan-shaped laser beam. The robotic total station uses Bluetooth technology and a directional sensor to hone in on the prism, and then initiate auto-tracking, so that you can get to work faster!


  • Main design elements
  • Compatible GNSS correction signals
  • Hard Disk
  • Main applications
    Land Surveying Topography & As-Built Civil Engineering & Design Construction Survey/Layout Mass Excavation BIM for Construction Vertical Construction
  • Integrated sensors

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