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Mobile GIS Systems and Field Controllers

Mobile GIS is taking Geographic Information Systems (GIS) out of the office and into the field. A mobile GIS allows for the capture, storage, manipulation, analyzation, and display of geospatial data and information in the field. Field Controllers are devices that are connected to the GIS Systems and increase the operation of the Mobile GIS Systems.
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eSurvey P8II Rugged Android Handheld  Mobile GIS  -1- compare it with other similar products on
eSurvey P8II Rugged Android Handheld

eSurvey GNSS

The P8II is designed for anyone who works in harsh environments. The user can work fatigue-free, thanks to its ergonomic design. The battery easily handles a whole d

Ranger 5 Data Collector
Ranger 5 Data Collector

Spectra Geospatial

This hard working, Android-based survey field data collector is built to handle a full range of projects. Its five-inch screen and full keyboard enable surveyors to

Laser Tech TruPulse 360R -1 -Compare with Similar Products on
TruPulse 360R

Laser Tech

The horizontal design and robust exterior are what make the TruPulse 360R stand out. With its rugged, waterproof housing and IP56 rating, the TruPulse 360R is ideal

Spectra Geospatial ST100 Tablet
ST100 Tablet

Spectra Geospatial

The Spectra Geospatial® ST100 is a hard working, no-nonsense tablet with a slim, rugged design and powerful features to handle any job. Whether your day includes a s

ST10 Tablet
ST10 Tablet

Spectra Geospatial

The Spectra Geospatial ST10 is a field rugged tablet for land survey and construction. It includes a powerful processor and large screen so you can see your data lik

R500 Data Controller
R500 Data Controller

ComNav Technology

With IP68 Certified design, Long Battery Life and Powered by Android Operating System, the R500 ensures you work smarter and faster at your fingertips.

Hi-Target Qpad X8 Rugged Tablet
Qpad X8 Rugged Tablet


The Qpad X8 integrates the high-precision GNSS algorithm to provide users with a consumer-grade smart tablet experience for GIS data collection in various industries

eSurvey G639/G659 Rugged Mobile GIS Handheld- compare it with other similar products on
eSurvey G639/G659 Rugged GIS Handheld

eSurvey GNSS

IP68 certificated, G639/G659 are designed for anyone who works in harsh environments. The helical antenna ensures a stable and amazing satellite signal tracking perf

CHC Navigation HCE600 Mobile GIS - Compare with similar products on

CHC Navigation | CHCNAV |

The HCE600 is a lightweight, professional Android data collector with an alphanumeric keypad, designed for mobile workforce. Its 5.5-inch DragonTrail™ display offers

CHC Navigation LT700H RTK Tablet Mobile GIS Systems & field controller - CHC Navigation - Compare with similar products on

CHC Navigation | CHCNAV |

The CHCNAV’s LT700 rugged tablet is the ideal companion designed to increase efficiency and productivity of mobile field workforce in different industries and applic

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