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Topcon Topcon GX-30 Control Box

2D/3D Dozer and Excavator Indicate Systems

• Cut grade fast and accurate the first time
• Cut to flat, vertical and 3D surfaces
• Bright, easy-to-use color touch screen
• Upgradeable systems
• Improve job safety

  • Topcon Topcon GX-30 Control Box
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Topcon’s X-32 system represents a giant leap in excavator grade indication. The X-32 features the Windows® CE based GX-30 control box – fully upgradeable to Topcon’s X-33 GNSS excavator system. The X-32 system includes four TS-i3 tilt sensors used to measure angles between cab, boom, stick and bucket. Include Topcon’s optional LS-B10W laser receiver or compass and you have the industry’s most advanced 2D indicate excavator system.

Topcon’s X-33 system consists of two GNSS antennas, four TS-i3 tilt sensors, the MC-i3 GNSS receiver and Topcon’s GX-30 color, touch screen control box. The GX-30 allows the operator to “see” the exact position of the machine on site and the bucket position at all times. When detailed information is required you can select to visualize plan, profile or sectional view and use the dual grade indicators for elevation control.

Topcon’s i-33 system will revolutionize the use of GNSS indicate systems on your job sites. You can configure the i-33 system with a single GNSS or dual GNSS antennas and install it on different machines that require elevation indication. Installation requires minimal welding on the machine, which makes the i-33 easy to switch between a dozer, scraper, or motor grader.

Create and cut designs… without leaving the jobsite

Finally, an indicate system that allows multiple elevations, slopes and complex designs to be cut continuously – without resetting the machine, laser or waiting for a surveyor putting elevation stakes on site. With Topcon’s X-32, X-33, i-33 systems, the operator can create multiple elevation/slope designs right in the cab or use 3D models created for your job site. No hassles or waiting anymore, just start cutting or digging to the correct elevation. You can eliminate re-work, cut to grade fast and accurate, the first time.

The system that grows as you grow

The GX-30 control box offers a fully upgradeable platform from 2D to 3D excavator or 3D indicate system for different machines on your job site. Equip multiple machines with sensors, cables, brackets and move the control box, GNSS receivers and antennas between all machines. The same equipment can be used on dozers, excavators, scrapers, motor graders, and on rental equipment.


  • Main design elements
  • Touchscreen
  • Display Panel
    4.3 in. LCD Touch Screen
  • RAM [GB]
  • Operating System
    Windows® CE 6.0
  • Processor
    Marvell® XScale™ PXA300 624 MHz
  • Types of Replaceable Memory
    Flash: 4 GB
  • Supply Voltage [V]
    6 to 32 VDC
  • Integrated sensors
  • Operating temperature: min. [°C]
  • Operating temperature: max. [°C]
  • Water and dust proof [IP]
  • Humidity resistance
    0 to 95%, non-condensing
  • Shock proof
    40g, 11ms, any axis. Vibration 4g 10 - 1500 Hz

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