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Topcon Smoothride 3D-MC Controller

RD-MC Machine Control. Simple process, smart design, smooth results. 3D Sonic Paving and Milling

Variable depth milling
Variable thickness paving
Eliminates the need for bulky averaging skis
Accounts for differential compaction
Consistent smoothness for miles of paving or milling
Maximize man hours and materials
Eliminate the need for re-work
Achieve rideability and satisfy strict DOT and regulatory guidelines

  • Topcon Smoothride 3D-MC Controller
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Breakthrough technology for smooth paving and milling

This complete solution is revolutionizing the road resurfacing industry. The modern RD-MC system fully maximize the capabilities of our 3D-MC technology, and delivers better results throughout the paving and milling process. You save time, lower costs, and increase safety.

The system is built on our industry leading sonic tracker for tight vertical control and GNSS to deliver deliberate positional guidance. This fusion of technology provides the most versatile solution to accurately place or remove variable amounts of asphalt according to the design - the modern way to pave or mill.

RD-MC is perfect for mainline paving or milling projects with long sections of road that need to be resurfaced. You’ll stay productive, ahead of schedule, and substantially improve material management.

• Fully automated system with GNSS and Sonic Tracker control

• Delivers accurate thickness boundaries while maintaining projected yield

• Eliminates the need for strings, skis, and lasers

• Easy surface data management and design

• Safely scan at driving speed without lane closures

Revolutionary road resurfacing 

Welcome to a better way to pave and mill. The Topcon SmoothRide system starts your project with precision in mind and better material management on the horizon. The need for traffic lane closures is gone, quick 3D scanning has replaced hours of point-to-point surveying, and intuitive software now delivers better results throughout the paving and milling process.

Time saved: Quickly scan miles of road in a short time, instantly capturing millions of points, while at driving speed, to detail existing surface conditions like never before.

Smoothness achieved: Accurate thickness control with compensation for differential compaction is delivered through machine control guidance in the first lift – ultimately reducing the need for multiple lifts.

Material managed: Knowing the surface details in advance allows you to successfully plan for an accurate material calculation – eliminating guesswork for the exact amount of asphalt or milling required for the project.


  • Main design elements
  • Touchscreen
  • Display Panel
    4.3 in. LCD Touch Screen
  • Integrated sensors
  • Main applications
    RD-MC Machine Control is perfect for: Milling Asphalt Paving
  • Distinguishable features
    • Identify existing asphalt surface profiles • Eliminate guesswork and bid your job accurately • Increase productivity and mill only what’s necessary • Mill one time and deliver a smooth surface for a perfect paving job • Quickly scan roads to generate a model of the existing surface • Create a design to meet smoothness expectations • Manage materials to stay within acceptable yields • Reduces the number of lifts required to reach the finish design • Maximize productivity while reducing manpower, equipment hours, and overhead

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