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Machine Control Systems for Excavation, Milling, Paving and Grading

Machine control systems offers an overview of the latest developments of products in machine control solutions for milling, paving, grading and much more. The systems provide guidance and automate tasks for your operators. Macine control systems can (partly) robotize equipment, automate processes and give direct insight in the work.

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Topcon 3D milling system
3D milling system


3D Milling opens up new milling dimensions. Instead of setting depths or reading values from the road, a 3D design model specifies the milling depth.

Topcon RD-MC Machine Control
RD-MC Machine Control


This complete solution revolutionizes the road surface renewal industry. The state-of-the-art RD-MC system maximizes the capabilities of our 3D-MC technology and del

Topcon's P-32 2D Paver System
P-32 2D Paver System


The perfect surface is the result of perfect control of the screed. Topcon screed control systems improve flatness, provide precise inclinations and layer thicknesse

Carlson Machine Control for Dozers combines GPS technology with comprehensive but easy-to-use software for both operators and supervisors.
Carlson Machine Control for Dozers

Carlson Software

Carlson Grade for Dozers increases dozing productivity for production dozing. Sites have the option to build simple or complex pads and slops in the field and can up

Topcon TDC Machine Control system


With precision tillage, you get an improved seedbed that promotes germination.

Smoothride 3D-MC Controller
Smoothride 3D-MC Controller


Variable depth milling
Variable thickness paving
Eliminates the need for bulky averaging skis
Accounts for differential compaction
Consistent smoothness for mile

Topcon GX-55 Control Box
Topcon GX-55 Control Box


Redefine the capabilities of your dozer. The 3D-MCMAX system uses MC2+ IMU Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) sensors that enable you to bl

Carlson Machine Control for Pile Driving
Carlson Machine Control for Pile Driving

Carlson Software

Carlson Machine Control PDGrade is an application-centric 3D positioning software for piling applications such as solar, construction, and other applications. The so

TOPCON C-53 – Intelligent compaction Machine Control system
C-53 – Intelligent compaction


Our modern C-53 compaction systems go beyond simple counting and registration of the crossing.

Topcon i-53 indicator system for bulldozers
i-53 indicator system for bulldozers


Achieve centimeter-accurate results – anytime, anywhere. The state-of-the-art i-53 system can be configured with a single GNSS antenna, a single GNSS antenna with ti

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