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Free Space Acousto Opitc Modulator
- Free Space Acousto Optic Modulator

Rayzer Optical Technology Co., Ltd

CSRAYZER’S Free Space Acousto-Optic Modulator FAOM Series Product, is a kind of laser beam intensity modulation and frequency shift processing product, with high dif

- Fixed Focus Collimator
- Fixed Focus Collimator

Rayzer Optical Technology Co., Ltd

CSRAYZER’S Fixed Focus Collimator Package FFL Series Products, are pre-aligned to collimate fiber light from an FC/PC, FC/APC, or SMA connector. Each collimation pac

- Phase Shifter
- Phase Shifter

Rayzer Optical Technology Co., Ltd

CSRAYZER’s Polarization Maintaining Phase Shifter PMPS Series Product, is micro optic component with low insertion loss, high isolation, high return loss, high extin

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