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Laser Rangefinders

A Laser rangefinder is a device that determines the distance to an object by emitting and receiving a laser beam, mostly by measuring the time of flight. Laser rangefinders are widely used by military organisations, in forestry, the energy infrastructure industry and even sports.

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TruPulse 200X Laser Rangefinder
TruPulse 200

Laser Tech

The TruPulse 200 is not just a simple rangefinder. It is a highly sophisticated, easy to operate, handheld laser that measures far more than just distance and angle.

Faraday Isolator
- Free Space Faraday Optical Isolator 1030/1064/1550nm φ2/3/5mm 500mW-5W

CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRayzer’s High Power Free Space Polarization Dependent Faraday Isolator(HIO) series product, is used for avoiding deleterious effect to Fiber Laser from the  reflec

- (N+1) X1 Pump Combiner 100/200W 105/125
- (N+1) X1 Pump Combiner 100/200W 105/125

CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRAYZER’s Pump Combiners Series Products, can be used for high power fiber laser and fiber amplifier. These devices can combine multiple pump lasers and one signal

Acousto-Opitc Frequency Shifter 1550nm 80MHz
- Acousto-Optic Frequency Shifter / Modulator 1550nm 80MHz Fiber Coupled AOM

CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRAYZER’S Fiber Coupled Acousto-Optic Modulator AOM Series Product, is an acousto-optic device which controls the intensity of laser beam, with high extinction rati

Laser Pump Protector
- Polarization Maintaining Laser Pump Protector for femtosecond or Picosecond fiber laser

CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRAYZER’s Polarization Maintaining Pump Laser Protector PMPP Series products, also called Pump Protection Filter, is a passive component which allows maximum transm

- Polarization Maintaining Wavelength Division Multiplexer PM FBT / Filter WDM 1030/1064nm

CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRAYZER’s Polarization Maintaining Filter / FBT WDM Series Product, is based on thin-film filter technology with low insertion loss, low polarization dependence, hi


Titan Position

A rotary laser designed for daily levelling work for most common construction sites.

Fiber Optic coupler
- Polarization Maintaining PM Fiber Optic Coupler 1x2/2x2/3x3 1030/1064/1550nm FBT/Filter

CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRAYZER’s Polarization Maintaining FBT or Filter Coupler PMTC Series Products, are used to divide input polarization maintaining fiber into two outputs according to

- PM 980/1550/1030nm WDM Polarization Maintaining
- PM 980/1550/1030nm WDM Polarization Maintaining

CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRAYZER’s Polarization Maintaining FBT or Filter Wavelength Division Multiplexer PMWDM Series Product, has the characteristics of low insertion loss, high optical p

Optical Rotator
- Free Space Faraday Rotator & Isolator 808/980/1030/1064nm φ2/3/5mm Could be customzed

CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRAYZER’s Free Space Faraday Rotator or Isolator Series Product, is an optical device that rotate the polarization of light due to the Faraday effect. These High P

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