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Teledyne Marine SeaBat 7123-MkII

​​The new SeaBat 7123-MkII Is an Advanced Dual-Use High Resolution Sonar Suitable for Both Commercial and Military Applications

Commercial uses include super high resolution imaging for underwater inspection related tasks, long range detection of object in the water column and the sonar can be used as a platform for scientific and oceanographic research applications.

Naval uses include the use of the sonar as a component in Mine Countermeasure (MCM) systems for detection of Mine Like Objects (MLOs) and the SeaBat 7123-MkII is potentially suitable for retrofit or upgrade of existing mine hunting platforms.

  • Teledyne Marine SeaBat 7123-MkII
Teledyne Marine
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The SeaBat 7123-MkII can maximize platform safety by increasing the stand-off range.

Operation at three different frequencies provides optimum flexibility:

  • Low Frequency (100kHz) mode provides visualisation and detection of objects in the water column and sea floor to ranges up to 800m or more.
  • ​Medium Frequency (200kHz) mode is typically used for high-accuracy localisation in surveyed areas and primary detection in shallow waters and reverberant environments.
  • High Frequency (400kHz) mode provides high-resolution shadow classification data during the offshore underwater inspection and MCM usage.
  • The SeaBat 7123-MkII can be mounted on most platforms, including AUV's, ROV's and surface vessels. The ensonification ahead of the platform is up to 120° degrees.


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