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Imaging Sonar

Imaging Sonar is a category of sonar systems that are used to efficiently create an image of the seafloor or underwater objects. Unlike Sidescan Sonars, which are dragged along the seafloor, Imaging Sonars are either handheld or mounted on a ROVs

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RS900 is Scanning Sonar with very high-resolution images. The device can generate acoustic images at a very high scanning speed with a non-contact rotating mechanism

Oculus M1200d Dual Freq. Multibeam Sonar System
Oculus M1200d

Blueprint Subsea

The Oculus M-series multibeam sonars are a new generation of imaging sonar, designed for use across a wide variety of underwater applications. Offering the highest r

Kongsberg Clariscan

Kongsberg Maritime

Clariscan combines Kongsberg Mesotech's wide bandwidth composite transducer technology with a patented acoustic lens to provide exceptional image quality. Previous v



A new product, lighter version of ultra compact scanning sonar, MRS900L was launched through Ocean Business 2017 in Southampton. 
Weight of MRS900L is only 410g (in

Diver-held high Resolution Imaging Sonar DS900


This unique device is one of the most powerful and practical sonar systems in the market for savvy divers. It is a hand-held underwater imaging system that gives hig

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