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Teledyne Marine RESON TC 4040 - hydrophone

The TC4040 Is an Ideal Standard Reference Hydrophone for Calibration of Transducers, Hydrophones and Underwater Acoustic Measurement Systems

The TC4040 offers flat frequency receiving response over a wide frequency range and the relatively high transmitting sensitivity makes it very useful within many areas of underwater acoustic research, tests and measurements.
The TC4040 utilises sensor element technology that ensures a high stabilitywith time and excellent performance.

  • Teledyne Marine RESON TC 4040 - hydrophone
Teledyne Marine
1026 North Williamson Blvd.
32114 Daytona Beach
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The ceramic sensor element is encapsulated in Special formulated NBR.The

metallic support made of titanium, allows for precise mounting in suspension hangers.​

Key Features:

  • ​Wide operating frequency range
  • Flat response over a wide frequency range
  • Titanium mounting support
  • Individually calibrated
  • Water blocked​

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