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Ocean Sonics icListen HF

Stream or Record HD Subsea Audio

Ocean Sonics designs and manufactures icListen, the world’s first smart digital hydrophone. Compact and easy to use, its small size makes it the perfect tool for sound data collection. Listen in real-time and improve decision making, or use as an acoustic recorder for long term deployments. The best data is collected by the best tools. icListens internal processing saves time.

Listen Now. The Ocean Sonics Way.

  • Ocean Sonics icListen HF
Ocean Sonics
110 Parkway Dr.
B6L 1N8 Truro


The icListen Smart Hydrophone is the industry's most sensitive broadband digital hydrophone. It's a compact, all-in-one instrument capable of processing data while collecting in real-time.

Use icListen as a digital hydrophone, acoustic data logger, or both at once. Collect hard to detect data accurately and cost effectively while reducing data handling and storage.

  • Detect real-time events using Epoch Mode. Determine when spectral or WAV data is stored or transmitted in real-time
  • Use a web browser to access the webserver to setup, test, and operate icListen
  • Synchronize multiple hydrophones for a high quality multi-channel array avoiding the problem of cross-talk
  • Simplify data processing and project planning
  • Wide dynamic range eliminates gain settings
  • Easy to connect through a network, radio or cabled to a PC
  • Compact and self-contained, can be carried in one hand

Use icListen smart hydrophones with Ocean Sonics Launch Box or Drifting Buoy to stream data via wifi up to 100m 

Deploy the icListen autonomously to record sound data on the instruments 256gb internal memory, or use a subsea battery pack and Ocean Sonics smart board to extend hydrophone battery life for long term deployments 

Are you doing pile driving/ seismic surverying or construction and require acoustic monitoring tools? Use icListen HF-X2! Record high intensity sounds like pile driving and explosions, ensuring your project is compliant with regualtions and the effects on the marine environment are mitigated.



  • Operating System
    The icListen is available in 4 depth ratings: 200m, 900m, 3500m, and 6000m.
  • Field of Use
    Ocean Noise MeasurementPile DrivingMarine Mammal MonitoringOcean ObservationEnvironmental MonitoringOffshore Energy OperationsMarine Renewable EnergyTidal EnergyWave EnergyOffshore Wind FarmsOcean ObservatoriesEarthquake & Tsunami MonitoringSubsea Volcano DetectionROV’s & AUV’sHarbor SecurityPipeline Leak DetectionFisheries ResearchArctic Ice Monitoring
  • Low Frequency Cutoff (Hz)
  • Maximum Data Rate (ksps)
  • Minimum Data Rate (ksps)
  • Resolution (bits)
  • Minimum Self Noised (dB re μPa^2/Hz)
  • Peak Input Level (μPa)
  • Peak Input Level (Volts)
  • Full bandwidth Dynamic Range (dB)
  • Depth rating {m}
  • Weight in air [kg]
  • Width [m]
  • Length [m]
  • Housing material
    Engineered Plastic, Titanium
  • Power Supply {Voltage}
  • Communications Interface {eg. rs232}
    Ethernet or Serial
  • Web Server (HTTP)
    Build in
  • FTP, SFTP and SSH Console
  • Maximum Internal Data Storage (GB)
  • Internal Battery Life (max. hr)
  • Distinguishable features
    The icListen Smart Hydrophone is a compact, all-in-one instrument that’s small enough to fit in your hand, yet smart enough to log calibrated waveforms, spectral or event data in one standard format. Use the icListen Smart Hydrophone as a digital hydrophone, acoustic data logger, or both at once.

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