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Beringia Enterprises DiveNET: 5X5

Diver Voice Communication + Tracking

• Unmatched signal range and reception
• Integrated support for diver tracking option
• Individual and broadcast transmission
• Channels: 8
• Range: 2,000 m
• Endurance: 8 hrs (Rx) / 2 hrs (Tx)
• Depth rating: 50 m

  • Beringia Enterprises DiveNET: 5X5
Beringia Enterprises
700 Lavaca St STE 1401
78701 Austin
United States
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DiveNET: 5X5 is a wireless hydroacoustic voice communication system for surface-diver and diver-diver two-way telephony delivering unmatched signal range and reception performance. DiveNET: 5X5 features integrated support for DiveNET: Commander underwater positioning to provide diver communication and surface tracking in a unified system.

DiveNET: 5X5 Universal Voice Receiver (UVR) is a mask clip-on receiver unit providing up to 2,000 m of effective reception range. DiveNET: 5X5 UVR couples as a beacon-responder for DiveNET: Commander to provide diver location and device battery life to the surface.

DiveNET: 5X5 provides a custom Push To Talk (PTT) microphone compatible with full face mask systems available on the market.

DiveNET: 5X5 provides 8 communication channels as well as broadcast transmission.

DiveNET: 5X5 Topside is a portable surface control station equipped with a simple control panel, microphone and 7 meters of acoustic cable. The control panel is housed in a lightweight, ruggedized travel case.

DiveNET: 5X5 is depth rated to 50 m.


  • Field of Use
    Diving operations
  • Main applications
    Wireless diver voice communications and tracking
  • Year of initial development
  • Year of latest version
  • Depth rating {m}
    50 m

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