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A Range of Spherical Hydrophones

Hydrophones with and without preamplifiers suitable for all marine applications

Fully encapsulated in polyurethane for high reliability
Omnidirectional response
Low Noise performance
Broadband operation

  • A Range of Spherical Hydrophones
Neptune Sonar Ltd
Kelk Lake, Kelk
YO25 8HG
United Kingdom


Neptune Sonar manufacture a wide range of spherical hydrophones with resonant frequencies from as low as 11kHz (6" sphere) to 300kHz (1/4" sphere).  All but the highest frequency devices can also be used as projectors to emit sound as well.

The range covers the frequency range from 1Hz to 500kHz so there will be a suitable device to cover almost all hydrophone requirements.  

All hydrophones are available with an acoustic calibration traceable to national standards if required.


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