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EIVA NaviSuite Kuda – Acquisition

Unmatched software with deep feature list for shallow water data acquisition – Supports all relevant instruments – Unlimited remote displays – Tracking of a subsea object.

  • EIVA NaviSuite Kuda – Acquisition
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Unmatched capabilities at affordable prices for hydrographic surveys

The NaviSuite Kuda software is dedicated to USV- and vessel-based hydrographic surveys, offering you all the necessary tools to carry out cost- and time-efficient bathymetric survey operations. With a variety of variants of this software bundle available, you can pick the one best tailored to your needs and budget. 

The software provides high-performing features focusing on simplicity, automation and autonomy, while also enabling you to carry out remote operations

Depending on the variant, these features can include automatic generation of runlines; vessel/USV autopilot control; registration of objects/observations of interest; automatic data cleaning during acquisition and post-processing; volume and difference calculation; as well as automatic, remote/onboard data processing. The end-result is extensive deliverables and visualisations with high-quality bathymetric data.

The NaviSuite Kuda software bundle includes four variants. The NaviSuite Kuda Pro variant is dedicated to large setup with larger vessel(s) and more complex survey spreads and allows for…

  • Navigation, survey planning as well as data acquisition with all relevant types of hydrographic survey equipment, such as multi-beam echo sounders (incl backscatter), LiDARs, cameras sidescan sonars, sub-bottom profilers and magnetometers
  • Unlimited local and remote displays 
  • The possibility of tracking one subsea object 

Visit to check out an overview of what you get with the different variants.


  • Year of initial development
  • Year of latest version
  • Operating System
    Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Area of Application
    The EIVA NaviSuite Kuda survey acquisition package allows for vessel and USV hydrographic surveys, covering survey planning, navigation and positioning. This includes remote control and real-time onboard cleaning control.
  • RAM
  • HD (GB)
  • Languages Supported
  • Processor (CPU)
  • Supported coordinate systems
    Most EPSG and local variants
  • Supported datum transformations
    Most EPSG and local variants
  • Geographical coordinates (Lat, Long)
  • Ground coordinates (E,N)
  • Seven Parameter shift supported
  • Time-dependent Transformation Parameters (14param)
  • Supported vertical reference frames  
  • Ellipsoidal reference support (GRS80)
  • Separation model for vertical datum shift support
  • Local datum support
  • Supported map projections
    Most EPSG and local variants
  • Recorded data storage formats
    EIVA NPD, SBD, generic ASCII
  • Supported Hydrographic Systems
    NaviSuite integrates fully with all major systems both in- and output
  • Supported AUVs
    Dedicated to surface vessels
  • Supported ROVs
    +500 sensor drivers give platform independency for a single subsea object
  • Supported ROTVs
    +500 sensor drivers give platform independency for a single subsea object
  • Supported underwater positioning systems
    USBL, LBL, INS etc. Eg Sonardyne, Kongsberg, iXBlue, Edgetech, NAUTRONIX, etc
  • Supported multibeam systems
    All major systems, eg NORBIT, Teledyne Reson, R2Sonic, Kongsberg, Imagenex, Edgetech, Klein, WASP and Tritech
  • Supported surface positioning systems
    GPS, tracking systems and others
  • Supported singlebeam systems
    NMEA, Deso, Kongsberg. All ASCII-based formats
  • Supported sidescan sonar systems
    Solstice, Klein, EdgeTech, Ping DSP and others
  • Supported magnetometer systems
    Geometrics, OFG and other major systems
  • Supported gyrocompass systems
    NMEA and all other generic formats
  • Supported motion sensor systems
    Teledyne TSS, SBG, iXBlue, Applanix POSMV and all other generic formats
  • Supported imaging systems
    Voyis, BlueView, Cathx and similar laser and point imaging systems
  • Supported sub-bottom Profiler systems
    SegY format
  • Supported ADCP systems
    Sonardyne and Teledyne RD Instruments
  • Supported (underwater) laser scanner systems
    Voyis, Cathx, 3D at Depth
  • Supported INS
    Sonardyne SPRINT-Nav/SPRINT-Nav Mini, Kongsberg, iXBlue, etc
  • Metadata management
  • Time synchronization methods
    ZDA/PPS, Network and ATTU
  • Supported total station systems
    AGA, Geodimeter, Trimble, Leica, Topcon, etc
  • Helmsman display
  • Max. number cloned displays
    One/unlimited depending on variant
  • Supported background formats
    DXF, DWG, DGN, Geo images, WMS, TMS
  • Available real-time cleaning techniques
    EC-3D, Kalman Filter, etc
  • Type of navigation screens
    Navigation display and survey control
  • Survey data types real-time navigation display
    All relevant sensor data in table or graph (2D/3D) MBE/SS/backscatter as waterfall, profile, coverage, DTM and points. Position track and scatter plot
  • Max number of online displayed ROVs
  • Max number of online displayed surface vessels
  • Computed orientation solution
  • 3D real time display
  • Supported 3D display data
  • Real time tidal correction methods
    Tidal table or GPS based
  • RTK GPS height correction
  • Real time video integration
  • Real-time Pipe detection
  • Real time IHO / IMCA TPU support
  • SSS waterfall display
  • SSS target annotations
  • Backscatter display
  • Online filtering options
    EC-3D, Kalman, Spline, opening angle, min slant range etc
  • Status Views equipment
    All-green status indicator. Input monitor for sensor status. All relevant sensor data in table or graph views
  • Multibeam bathymetry coverage
    Yes both as point clouds and terrain models
  • Multibeam water column display
  • GIS integration
    For data background charts - WMS ad TWMS
  • Remote control
  • Real-time DTM vizualization
  • Online eventing
  • Real-time DTM comparison

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