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GeoSLAM ZEB Vision

Better than ever colourisation to contextualise your point cloud

The ZEB Vision is a camera accessory for the ZEB Horizon system that can be used to capture 360° panoramic photography in 4K definition for point cloud colourisation. Data is captured as the user walks through the area of interest. The ZEB Vision uses GeoSLAM’s leading SLAM algorithm to automatically and accurately position panoramic photos on a point cloud for an interactive viewing experience.

  • GeoSLAM ZEB Vision
Innovation House / Mere Way
United Kingdom


  • Simple and easy deployment, the ZEB Vision attaches quickly to the ZEB Horizon
  • 4K resolution increases feature definition of objects within the point cloud
  • 360° panoramic images
  • See new perspectives of data by navigating within a virtual representation of an environment
  • All photos and data captured are owned and managed by you keeping it safe, simple and secure.


  • Year of introduction
  • Data aquisition speed (points p/second)
  • Color registration
  • Software name
    GeoSLAM Connect
  • Main users
    Architecture, Construction, Facilities and Asset Management

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