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HERON LITE Color + Control Unit
HERON Lite Color


HERON LITE Color is the best solution for users who need a real-time fast 3D mapping scanner that also includes the colour information. Thanks to the 5K panoramic ca

Elevate 3D scanning with the power of RTK and photogrammetry on a mobile device
viDoc RTK Rover for PIX4Dcatch


The viDoc RTK rover is the ideal ground image acquisition device. It geotags images collected with PIX4Dcatch in real-time when connected to any NTRIP service, allow

Kaarta Stencil 2
Stencil 2


Kaarta Stencil 2 is a low cost, customizable mobile mapping platform for rapid mobile scanning; a computer small enough to fit in your hand but powerful enough to pr

HERON Lite portable 3D mapping system


Thanks to the 360° surrounding view, HERON LITE can satisfy the needs of fast 3D mapping activities by gathering real-time 3D LiDAR data including distances and cali

Artec Eva
Artec Eva

Artec 3D Scanners

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