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Handheld Laser Scanners

Handheld Laser Scanning is a modern surveying method using laser systems (Lidar) in an easy-to-handle handheld device. Handheld Laser Scanners, also referred to as handheld mobile terrestrial laser scanning (HMTLS), are often used in surveying projects where accuracy of measurement is slightly less important compared to terrestrial laser scanning, and speed of surveying has a high priority.

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HERON Lite - Handheld 3D mapping system -  GEXCEL Handheld Laser Scanners - Compare with similar products on


HERON LITE is a handheld 3D mapping system composed of a laser sensor for fast 3D mapping activities, gathering real-time 3D LiDAR data including distances and calib

eSurvey eHLS1 Handheld Laser Scanner - Compare With Similar Products on Geo-Matching.Com

eSurvey GNSS

The eSurvey eHLS1 is the first portable handheld LiDAR scanner independently designed and manufactured by eSurvey. It's lightweight, flexible, and easy to operate. A

Green valley LiGrip Handheld Laser Scanners - compare it with other similar products on

GreenValley International

Durable Design, Multi-Platform, Customizable, lightweight and compact. Available now!

SatLab Cygnus Handheld SLAM Laser Scanner - Compare with Similar Products on
Cygnus Handheld SLAM Scanner


Combining the latest SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) technology with the most efficient and revolutionary algorithms, the Cygnus Handheld LiDAR Scanner

GEXCEL HERON Lite ColorHandheld 3D mapping system - Compare with Similar Products on
HERON Lite Color


HERON LITE Color is a handheld 3D mapping system composed of a laser sensor for 3D geometry acquisition, and an RGB 5K panoramic camera for on-demand images collecti

Elevate 3D scanning with the power of RTK and photogrammetry on a mobile device -PIX4D viDoc RTK Rover Handheld Laser - Compare with Similar Products on
viDoc RTK Rover


A handheld RTK rover to elevate single point measurement with 3D scans.

Multiple options for accurate point measurement: Measure with the laser, photogrammetry, o

Stonex X120GO SLAM Laser Scanner - Various Selection on Geo-matching to compare 1
X120GO SLAM Laser Scanner


The system has a 360° rotating head, which can generate a 360°x270° point cloud coverage. Combined with the industry-level SLAM algorithm, it can obtain high-precisi

ZEB Vision
ZEB Vision


The ZEB Vision is a camera accessory for the ZEB Horizon system that can be used to capture 360° panoramic photography in 4K definition for point cloud colourisation

ZEB Locate
ZEB Locate


Accurately georeference ZEB data by integrating a backpack mounted ZEB Horizon with precision GPS.


FARO Europe

FARO ScanPlan is a user-friendly device to assist in AEC and Public Safety professionals. At a range of 20 m, the user can just point towards the object and walk at

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