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IDS GeoRadar North America Stream-C Multichannel GPR

Stream C is the compact array solution for real-time 3D mapping of underground utilities and features

32 channels of 600MHz data collected all at once to create on site real time 3D maps of the underground in a timely manner. With dual polarized antennas you only have to scan in one direction and get GPR profiles for both longitudinal and horizontal profiles. In a 1 meter wide box with full coverage you ca save over 80% of your scan time in the field.

  • IDS GeoRadar North America Stream-C Multichannel GPR
IDS GeoRadar North America
14828 w 6th ave unit 12-b
80401 Golden
United States


Stream C is the compact array solution for real-time 3D mapping of underground utilities and features. Thanks to the increased level of accuracy, provided by a massive antenna array, Stream C is able to detect pipes and cables automatically.

Daily use of Stream C is aided by ergonomic features including electronic ride height adjustment, options to tow manually or with a small vehicle, and a motor assisted drive wheel.

Stream C is available in both Basic and Advanced configurations.

The system features:

  • Massive array of 34 antennas in two polarisations: An accurate 3D reconstruction of the underground utility network is created in a single scan.
  • Automatic Pipe Detection (APD): Real-time automatic detection of buried pipes and cables.
  • Compact size: Stream C’s small dimensions enable it to survey areas inaccessible to larger array systems while maintaining the same accuracy.
  • Robust construction: Built to the highest standards and with robust materials so that it can be used in harsh, demanding environments.
  • 3D radar tomography: Real-time tomography on a GPS or total station assisted cartographic background.
  • Professional subsurface survey: Quickly produce subsurface GIS based digital maps when pipes, cables and buried objects are automatically transferred to CAD and GIS formats.

Benefits of the Stream C include:

  • High Productivity: Surveys only need to be performed in one direction to ensure optimal detection of both longitudinal and transversal pipes;
  • No advanced training needed: The system automatically detects and locates the position of pipes in real time and displays them on screen;
  • Reduced user fatigue: Thanks to electronic ride height adjustment and a motor assisted drive wheel;
  • Facilitates large surveys: The system can be towed manually or with a small vehicle, increasing the acquisition speed (up to 6 km/h).


  • Application Type
    Pipes & Cables, Road/Bridges Inspection, Archaelogical & Environmental, Mining & Geology
  • Power type
  • Mounting
  • Time Window (ns)
    customer selected
  • Size (mm)
    120x57cm antenna footprint
  • Hardware Filtering
  • Type
    Integrated in antenna assembly
  • Operating System
  • Display Type
  • Storage Type
  • Data format
  • Type
  • Shielding
  • Central Frequency (MHz)
  • Type
  • Antenna Technology
  • Certificates
  • Bits per Sample
  • Type

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