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US RADAR INC. GPRover Mapping System

Simplifying the Subsurface Infrastructure Locating and Mapping Process with Advanced GPS Integration and Innovative True Triple Frequency Range GPR Antenna

The GPRover is the most advanced GPR system for GPS-integrating mapping uses. Thanks to an exclusive partnership with the John Deere Navcom Starfire System, you can operate the GPRover anywhere in the world to collect actionable data for use in the field or for further analysis in the office.

  • US RADAR INC. GPRover Mapping System
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07747 Matawan


The GPRover simplifies and streamlines the subsurface infrastructure locating and mapping processes. Combining advanced, innovative GPR technology in an easy-to-use design, the GPRover can deliver the results you need from anywhere in the world. Only some minor training and your own expertise are required to operate. 

Don't worry about a buried object's material composition or conductivity and don't fret over the soil conditions. The GPRover images the entirety of the subsurface using the only true triple-frequency GPR antenna on the market that automatically calibrates to surrounding soil conditions to give you the clearest and most accurate data possible. The result is three datasets generated simultaneously with the least-possible signal loss during your scan. 

Create maps in real-time with the GPRover's exclusive John Deere Navcom integration. Using your receiver, you can create dynamic visual representations of your data and store and share them for future use. This creates a point-of-reference for future projects and elminates the need for digging or re-locating later. You will be able to equip your team with advanced knowledge of the subsurface immediately. 

Field data collected by the GPRover may be saved and exported in most common file formats (SHP, DXF, KMZ, CSV, RTF, AutoCad, Google Earth, GIS, etc.). Using advanced post-processing software, the user can also create 3D images of their data or map findings through third-party platforms like Google Earth to further illustrate the information collected.


  • Application Type
    Pipes & Cables, Concrete Structure, Road/Bridges Inspection, Archaelogical & Environmental, Mining & Geology
  • Mounting
  • Total weight full configuration (including batteries, Control unit, datalogger, carrier) {kg}
  • Battery Life (h)
  • Power type
  • Type
    Integrated in antenna assembly
  • Minimum Operating Temperature (Celsius)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature (Celsius)
  • Type
    Integrated in Control Unit
  • Operating System
  • Display Type
    LCD, LED
  • Display Size (inches)
  • Storage Size (GB)
  • Storage Type
  • Data format
  • Wireless Connection
  • Type
    Integrated (In a box)
  • Antenna Technology
  • Shielding
  • Certificates
  • Bits per Sample

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