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Ground Penetrating Radars

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High Speed Dual-Channel 2D GPR
CrossOver® GPR Antenna Series


First dual-channel RTS antenna CrossOver is the first commercial series of dual-channel GPR antennas to be based solely on cutting-edge Real-Time Sampling (RTS)

Raptor 45 - 18 Channel
Raptor 45 - 18 Channel


Raptor 45 - 18 Channel High-Speed 3D GPR Array, a state-of-the-art 450 MHz 3D GPR array solution. Raptor 3D arrays are based on Real-Time Sampling

CrossOver CO1760
CrossOver CO1760


CrossOver CO1760 The CO1760 is the second in a series of CrossOver® antennas that will enable quicker surveys with improved performance. It incorporates

Raptor 80
Raptor 80 - 28 Channel


Raptor 80 - 28 Channel  Raptor 3D arrays are based on Real-Time Sampling (RTS) technology and the unique antenna design is a milestone in the evolution of GP

ImpulsRadar Raptor® 18 Channel 3D GPR Array
Raptor® 3D GPR Array Series


High-Speed 3D GPR Array ImpulseRadar Raptor® system, a state-of-the-art 450 MHz or 800 MHz 3D GPR array solution. Raptor 3D arrays are based on Real-Time

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