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Schneider Digital AMD RadeonPRO & NVIDIA Quadro

The most powerful graphic cards for 3D stereo applications!

The right choice of graphic cards plays a key role to meet your performance and reliability demands!

  • Schneider Digital AMD RadeonPRO & NVIDIA Quadro
Schneider Digital
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AMD RadeonPRO WX9100


With 16GB of superfast HBM2 ECC RAM, OpenGL 4.6 support and 4,096 OpenCL-enabled, parallel processing cores, AMD FirePRO WX9100 provides an excellent performance and scalability package for the visualization and analysis of large data sets.

The six monitor outputs of the AMD RadeonPRO allow you to simultaneously control two monoscopic monitors and a 3D PluraView 3D stereo system with just one WX9100 graphics card. This graphics card can even drive the stereoscopic display on two 3D PluraView stereo systems.

NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000

The NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 delivers outstanding performance and quality. With up to 3.072 CUDA/ OpenCL-programmable, parallel processing cores and a graphic memory of 16GB GDDR6 ECC, the Quadro RTX 5000 is the perfect solution for complex applications in biomedical research and 3D seismic analysis, oil and gas prospection or photogrammetry and 3D modeling.

Perfect driver configuration

The use of the correct, high-performance driver is just as important, because only the optimum interaction between hardware, operating system, graphic card driver and 3D application ensures maximum performance. Only through the immense development and maintenance effort from AMD and NVIDIA, are smooth operations with optimal results guaranteed.

OpenGL for maximum performance


If the OpenGL core is up to date, the graphic memory bandwidth measured by GB/sec and main memory size of the graphic card is more significant. OpenGL commands are initially loading the complete model into the graphic card RAM. All further changes are triggered by short OpenGL commands to the GPU and are executed directly at the graphic memory level. The modified display result is transferred to the monitor output ports immediately.

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