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OceanWise Ltd ip.buffer Smart Telemetry Modem

The ‘smart telemetry’ ip.buffer range provides secure, flexible and cost effective telemetry for marine and other environmental applications

  • OceanWise Ltd ip.buffer Smart Telemetry Modem
OceanWise Ltd
16 Butts Road
GU34 1NB
United Kingdom


The ip.buffer was developed by Scannex for the telecommunications sector and has been adapted to meet the needs of the environmental monitoring sector in co-operation with OceanWise. It is configured to work seamlessly with our Environmental Data Sharing and Publishing solution Port-Log.

Other key benefits include:

  • Proven technology from the telecommunications industry
  • Tested in marine and other harsh environments
  • Reliable communication and buffering with zero or minimal data loss
  • Acquisition of data from multiple IP and serial based sources
  • Available in one/four port versions with a wide range of storage options
  • Acquiring data directly from a wide range of oceanographic sensors

The ip.buffer has an extensive range of data delivery options using industry standard Internet TCP/IP protocols. A large non-volatile flash memory enables the ip.buffer to reliably store, monitor and manage data transmitted from a wide range of oceanographic and other sensors. Bi-directional communication, encryption and user authentication provide a safe method for remote device administration facilitated by OceanWise’ recommended Mobile to Mobile Virtual Private Network (M2M VPN).

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