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FalTech GPS GNSS/GPS repeating system

  • FalTech GPS GNSS/GPS repeating system
FalTech GPS
Unit 6A Waterside House / Falmouth Road
TR10 8BE Penryn


  • Tracked satellite signals
    GPS L1 L2 GLONASS Galileo
  • Outdoor antenna supplied
  • Outdoor antenna type
  • Indoor antenna supplied
  • Indoor antenna type
  • Cable supplied
  • Cable type
    Usually LMR240 & RG58 Occasionally LMR400 when required.
  • More information
    Re-radiates GNSS/GPS signals into any GPS-denied interior space.
  • Distinguishable features
    ETSI approved, CE approved.
  • Year of introduction
  • Housing Material
    Available in IP51 and IP67 enclosures.
  • Type
    Land, Marine, Aerial
  • Typical applications
    Enables indoor operation of GNSS/GPS devices, preventing the need to go outside to achieve sky-view. Devices can be operated and tested with a live GPS signal, no need for GPS simulators.
  • Operating power: [V]
    12V DC
  • Power Supply
  • Environmental protection [IP]
    IP51 and IP67 options

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