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Guangzhou Geoland Instrument Co.,Ltd Latest High Precision Intelligent 555 channels RTK GNSS Receiver with radio & 4G full network, Bluetooth, WIFI, Electronic Bubble tilt survey

Geographic Surveying Differential GPS/GNSS Receiver for Topographic Construction Survey, Road Design, Land Measurement and so on

Quick to get fixed solution.Highly integrated inside, strengthen signal receiving.
4G network, Bluetooth and WiFi Connection, WEB UI controller.
Several protection for ports, Marks to distinguish different ports. Cloud backup and upload data promptly.
When base being moved, has low power or no satelites, Rover will alarm immediately.

  • Guangzhou Geoland Instrument Co.,Ltd Latest High Precision Intelligent 555 channels RTK GNSS Receiver with radio & 4G full network, Bluetooth, WIFI, Electronic Bubble tilt survey
Guangzhou Geoland Instrument Co.,Ltd
410, No. 7 Minxing Street, / Huangpu District
510530 GuangZhou, Guangdong


The host comes standard with two large-capacity smart lithium batteries, and is common with the handheld battery, comes with a power detection chip, a key that knows the remaining power, dual batteries, hot switching, bring you never-ending measurement experience.

The body of G970Ⅱ main machine body is made of pure magnesium alloy material, which has more excellent electromagnetic shielding performance and more lightweight solid body, which ensures the stable and reliable operation of equipment.

Using a new combination of antennas, GNSS, WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G set as a whole, the new design (more concise) of the internal structure, the whole system-level optimization, brings a more pure internal electromagnetic environment and better signal performance.

Both the host computer and the user's handheld have built-in 4G Netcom network modules, which can access different operators' mobile networks. If there is a difference in the signal strength of the network in the work area, you can choose to access a better network and data transmission is more secure.

With the new tilt measurement algorithm, you can easily achieve the coordinate acquisition of the tilt measurement  simply by shaking the centering bar.

The new combined antenna, GNSS,WIFI, Bluetooth, and 4G set are integrated, and the wireless signal is better. The GNSS satellite signal to noise ratio is improved by 2DB on average, and the RTK performance in a complex environment is even better.

After the base station is started, if a position offset occurs, the mobile station can be notified via the differential link to alert the customer, and the power of the base station and the star serach status can also be displayed.

The new design of the new generation of Web UI interface, simple and beautiful, powerful, through the mobile phone or computer browser to achieve host settings, status view, data download, firmware upgrades and other operations, so that RTK operations such as the Internet is generally simple.

Real-time voice broadcast solution mode, data link status, TTS voice support user DIY settings,to create RTK personal secrets for measuring users.

UniCloud's private measurement cloud service,remote device commissioning, status setting, coordinate system sharing, and job site feedback enable the perfect integration of field measurement and Internet office processing. Users can deploy private services and ensure data security.


  • Type
  • Year of initial introduction
  • Height [m]
  • Depth [m]
  • Width [m]
  • Total Weight [kg]
  • Housing Material
    Pure magnesium alloy material
  • Operating power: min. [V]
  • Operating power: max. [V]
  • Internal power supply
    7V 3.4Ah lithium-ion smart battery
  • External power supply
    9-18V DC, Overvoltage protection
  • Operating time with internal power supply [hr]
  • Rechargeable with (auto)battery
    Removable Lithium-ion battery
  • Direct car connection cable available
  • Operating temperature: min. [°C]
  • Operating temperature: max. [°C]
  • Humidity resistance
  • Water sand and dust proof
  • Shock and vibration proof
    Withstand 2 meters pole drop onto the cement ground naturally
  • Tracked satellite signals
    GPS:L1 C/A, L2E, L2C, L5 GALILEO (Upgrade reservation) GLONASS:L1 C/A, L1P, L2 C/A, L2P
  • SBAS differential signals
  • Type of measurements
    C/A code, P code, L
  • RTK Network Compatibility
  • MRS functionality
  • Memory medium
    Internet and external (micro SD)
  • RTCM standards for differential data
  • CMR standards for differential data
  • NMEA output format

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