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GNSS Processing Software and Correction Services

GNSS Processing and Correction Services are products which aim to increase the accuracy of position information. Correction Services are subscriptions to receive data in the field that help position GNSS receivers more accurately without the need to bring a reference station. GNSS Processing services improve measurements taken in the field by correcting them with data from reference points taken at the time of measurement..

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NovAtel TerraStar GNSS & GPS Correction Services and GNSS Processing - Compare With Similar Products on Geo-Matching.Com
TerraStar GNSS & GPS Correction Services


TerraStar premium GNSS corrections combined with NovAtel’s OEM technology offers sub-metre to centimetre-level positioning solution for land, unmanned and airborne a


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Waypoint GNSS/INS Post-Processing Software


Post-processing maximizes the accuracy of the solution by processing previously stored Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

NovAtel RTK ASSIST GNSS Receivers - Compare with Similar Products on


SBG Qinertia GNSS Processing software and correction services - Compare with similar products on

SBG Systems

Want to improve your navigation data, to access further analysis, to fix some outages in your trajectory? Qinertia PRO gives access to post-processing to all SBG sen

Applanix POSPac PP-RTX for UAV GNSS Processing Software - Compare with Similar Products on
Applanix POSPac PP-RTX for UAV

Trimble Applanix

POSPac PP-RTX® for UAV is a cloud-based solution providing centimeter-level post-processed positioning accuracy without the need to set up or maintain local base sta

Inertial Explorer
Inertial Explorer



Trimble, Inc.

NovAtel Oceanix Nearshore GNSS Processing software - Compare With Similar Products on Geo-Matching.Com
Oceanix Nearshore


Oceanix Nearshore correction service delivers exceptional centimetre-level positioning for diverse marine applications including dredging, hydrographic survey and ma



Premium Positioning RTK Premium GNSS Network Processing Software -  -Compare with Similar Products on
RTK Premium GNSS Network

Premium Positioning

A global RTK Premium GNSS network that delivers centimetre accuracy, cross-border functionality and an enterprise account solution. A reliable network with an uptime

TerraStar-X Correction Service
TerraStar-X Correction Service


Extreme speed. Exact accuracy. Extraordinary Reliability

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