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marXact UNI-RTK Premium

RTK without borders!

With UNI-RTK Premium marXact offers a Europe-wide RTK service, giving your UNI accurate RTK fixes in and even outside of Europe!

With more than 2000 base stations in 30+ countries, your UNI and any other Network RTK-ready equipment can be supplied with a strong correction signal.

  • marXact UNI-RTK Premium
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UNI-RTK Premium; a cost-effective universal RTK network, to achieve high accuracy!

With the UNI-RTK Premium network, marXact offers a border-free RTK network making sure you can achieve the accuracy you need to work productively. With over 2000 base stations, supporting GPS, Glonass and progressively Galileo, you can make sure the UNI-GR1 but also any other device that receives NTRIP corrections, get’s more accurate!


What accuracy will I get?

Is like asking how fast your car will go; it all depends on your type of car, the road, the driver and so on. The same goes for RTK networks and achieving accuracy, it depends on the visible satellites, the distance to the network, your equipment and so on. In general, with the UNI-GR1 in normal conditions, you should be able to achieve an accuracy between 1-3 CM easily.


Monthly, yearly & free data!

After the free trial month, you can start using the UNI-RTK Premium network already with a monthly subscription. However, in case you choose for a yearly subscription, you will receive a free mobile data SIM card guaranteeing your UNI-GR1 or other device has sufficient data to connect to the UNI-RTK Premium network.


Does it only work with the UNI-GR1?

No, it works with any device which is able to receive RTK corrections in RTCM format over NTRIP. After signing up, we will supply you with the details such as NTRIP server, username, password, port & mountpoint so you can get going!


  • Compatible Receivers
    Any RTK NTRIP Receiver
  • Year of introduction
  • Area of application
  • Processing type
    Real Time Correction Service
  • Coverage
    Europe + World
  • Horizontal accurcacy (RMSE) {cm}
  • Vertical accuracy (RMSE) {cm}
  • RTK Corrections Via NTRIP Network
  • SBAS
  • Signal
    Cellular, IP
  • Operating System
  • Subscription
    Global, Regional, Local
  • Subscription plans

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