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NovAtel TerraStar-C PRO Correction Services

TerraStar premium GNSS corrections combined with NovAtel’s OEM technology offers sub-metre to centimetre-level positioning solution for land, unmanned and airborne applications globally. TerraStar corrections are available as a termed subscription directly from NovAtel.

  • NovAtel TerraStar-C PRO Correction Services
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  • Satellite-delivered corrections eliminate the need for base station(s) and cellular network connectivity
  • TerraStar corrections superior GNSS reference network, redundant system architecture, continuous quality monitoring
  • High rate corrections provide rapid re-convergence, typically in less than 60 seconds following brief GNSS signal disruptions
  • OEM positioning technology allows continuous operation through correction signal interruptions up to 300 seconds 
  • Overlapping geostationary satellite coverage ensures maximal coverage  
  • Triple L-Band tracking5 allows better correction signals reception—even in challenging environments
  • A seamlessly integrated solution from a single source including GNSS hardware and corrections
    1. TerraStar-L is available on OEM7 products and the following OEM6 products: OEM628, FlexPak6 and SMART6-L products. 
    2. TerraStar-C is only available on OEM628, OEM638, FlexPak6, ProPak6 and SMART6-L products.
    3. Measured performance from seven-day static data. Horizontal and vertical accuracy may differ based on receiver capabilities, location, GNSS constellation health and visibility, GNSS/L-Band signal obstructions, level of multipath/interference, and local atmospheric conditions.
    4. Convergence times may vary by several minutes and are dependent on observing conditions including the number of visible GNSS signals, level of multipath and proximity to obstructions like large trees or buildings.
    5. Triple L-Band tracking is supported only on OEM7 platforms. Most locations have at least two geostationary satellites in view.


  • Compatible Receivers
    OEM7 Series
  • Area of application
    Airborne, Land
  • Processing type
    Real Time Correction Service
  • Coverage
    Worldwide Coverage
  • Horizontal accurcacy (RMSE) {cm}
  • Vertical accuracy (RMSE) {cm}
  • Signal
  • Operating System
  • Hardware
  • Subscription

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