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Harxon Corporation Timing Antenna HX-CT3602A

GNSS timing antenna for timing and synchronisation applications

Harxon Timing Antenna HX-CT3602A is a full GNSS band antenna ideal for any global GNSS time synchronization application. Its filtering design allows wideband coverage while achieving superior out-of-band rejection and high gain 28 dB performance. The small, conical design minimizes perching and provides runoff.

  • Harxon Corporation Timing Antenna HX-CT3602A
Harxon Corporation
1001 Zhonshanyuan Road, Nanshan District
518000 Shenzhen.


High-Performance timing antenna

HX-CT3602A supports GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO. It is designed for timing, mobile, precision and military applications. It can produce superior multipath signal rejection.

Reliable and consistent signal tracking

This antenna features a highly circular wideband patch element with a high-performance Low Noise Amplifier. This configuration provides an excellent axial ratio constant across the full frequency band.

Rugged enclosure for tough environments

HX-CT3602A is housed in a permanent mount industrial-grade weatherproof enclosure and is available with various connectors. This antenna is also customizable in the radome. 


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