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Iowaaska Technologies I-Map

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Customized and Secured Cloud Based GIS Platform, with Analytics and Mapping Intelligence in 3rd Dimension. I-Map is useful for Government and Private Users to Host, Monitor and Evaluate Earth Science Data.

  • Iowaaska Technologies I-Map
Iowaaska Technologies
29, Akash Darshan, 76, Ramabaug Colony, Kothrud, Paud Road,
411038 Pune


I-Map is also called as Intelligent-Map. I-Map is a Highly Technological Software product as well as Platfrom as a Service ( PaaS ). This product provides services as well as solutions for Cloud based GIS projects, Online Geo-Processing Tools, 2D to 3D data generation, User based Login protocol, Mapping Interpretation, Statistical Analysis, Report Analytics,Ratio Analysis,  Add, Edit and Delete features with Point, Line and Polygon, Sercurity Certification, Customized GIS Tools, Multiple Base-Maps, Satellite Base-Maps, Raster Base-Maps and Online support with Monthly subsription plans like Basic, Standard, Advance and Customized with specific number of users.Website :


  • Year of introduction
  • Year of last update
  • Supported hardware
    Any Device with strong Internet Connectivity
  • Supported operation system
    Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, Other
  • Main GIS category
    Enterprise GIS, Internet GIS, Mobile GIS
  • Type of data storage
    File, Database, Internet, Public cloud, Private cloud, Other
  • Input formats
  • Export formats
  • GML version
    Mapbox GL
  • Compression
  • Security options for access
  • Search on file content
  • Version management
  • Spatial reference system
    From data source, Fixed, Others
  • Lines
    Line segment, Polyline, Multiline, Arc, Others
  • Points
    Point, Multipoint, Symbol, Text, Others
  • Surfaces
    Polygon, Circle, Others
  • Raster
  • Positioning by coördinates
  • Positioning in relation to other element
    Parallel, Extend, Collinear, Perpendicular, Particular angle, Others
  • Positioning by snapping
  • Select
    By drawing attributes, Select by administrative attributes, Within buffer, Spatial selection, Others
  • Remove
    By select, By attributes, By layer, Others
  • Graphic transformations
    Scale, Rotate, Others
  • Coordinate transformations
    Not Available
  • Mosaicing
    Not Available
  • Generalization
    Not Available
  • Merge
    Map layers, Attribute table to geometry, Others
  • Clip
  • Buffer
    Point buffer, Line buffer, Polygon buffer, Multiple buffers, Other
  • Overlay operations
    Intersection, Spatial join, Other
  • Types
    Color, Pattern, Gradient color
  • Change view
    Zoomfactor, Target point, Twist angle
  • Temporal
    Not Available
  • Thematic mapping
    Cartogram, Contour map
  • License or freeware
    Open source, License
  • Training
  • Main users
    Government And Private
  • Main applications
    Data Hosting, Monitoring And Evaluating
  • Related products
    ArcGIS Online And Luciad
  • Distinguishable features
    Customized and Secured Online Cloud Based GIS Platform
  • Extensions
    Not Available
  • Web standards
  • Spatial database management systems
    PostGIS, SQLite
  • Messaging protocols
  • Publish standards
  • Extensions
    .NET, SQL
  • Available API’s
    Not Available
  • Metadata
    Creation, Management, Others

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