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StatMap Earthlight

  • StatMap Earthlight
35 - 37 Ludgate Hill
EC4M 7JN London
United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland


  • Year of introduction
  • Year of last update
  • Supported operation system
    Windows, Linux
  • Main GIS category
    Enterprise GIS
  • Type of data storage
    File, Database, Internet, Public cloud, Private cloud
  • Native storage format
    SQL Server 2008+, Oracle 10g+, PostGIS
  • Input formats
    Dxf, Shape, GML, KML, GeoTiff, ECW, SID, Jpg, Others
  • Export formats
    Dxf, Shape, GML, KML, GeoTiff, ECW, SID, Jpg, Others
  • GML version
  • Compression
  • Security options for access
  • Search on file content
  • Version management
  • Spatial reference system
    From data source, Selectable, Fixed, Manual georeferencing, Others
  • Lines
    Line segment, Polyline, Multiline, Arc, Others
  • Points
    Point, Multipoint, Symbol, Text, Others
  • Surfaces
    Polygon, Circle, Multipolygon, Others
  • Raster
  • Positioning by co√∂rdinates
  • Positioning in relation to other element
    Parallel, Extend, Collinear, Perpendicular, Particular angle, Angle bisector, Concentric, Others
  • Positioning by snapping
  • Select
    By drawing attributes, Select by administrative attributes, Within buffer, Spatial selection, Multiple select, Others
  • Graphic transformations
    Scale, Copy, Move, Rotate, Mirror, Align, Stretch, Drag and drop, Dilate, Erode
  • Coordinate transformations
    Over 5000 EPSG transformations available for merging data from different native EPSG CRS.
  • Remove
  • Merge
    Map layers, Attribute table to geometry, Others
  • Clip
  • Buffer
    Point buffer, Line buffer, Polygon buffer, Multiple buffers, Dissolve buffers, Other
  • Overlay operations
    Intersection, Union, Symmetrical difference, Difference, Spatial join, Other
  • Types
    Color, Pattern, Hatch, Gradient color
  • Change view
  • Thematic mapping
    Choropleth, Cartogram, Dot distribution map, Proportional symbol map, Contour map, Dasymetric map
  • License or freeware
  • Training
  • Main users
    Central and local government , national organisations using nationwide coverage and full editing and data maintenance within Earthlight. Also, multi-national business clients serving and managing data across time zones.
  • Main applications
    Spatial analysis, workflow building, enterprise spatial data creation, editing, maintenance and publishing. As it is a fully featured internet browser GIS application which is direct replacement for the traditional GIS desktop, it can be used for any application in any industry.
  • Extensions
    ETL Workflow Builder (integrated into the Earthlight internet browser client), Routing Analysis services, Fleet Management services, Raster Loader for loading unlimited geographical coverage, Courier for loading unlimited geographical base data extents in GML formats, 3D raster modelling services.
  • Related products
    Aurora (workflow application building and internet GIS application), Comet (mobile enterprise GIS application for synchronising remotely with the enterprise Spatial Data Repository).
  • Distinguishable features
    A unique and truly complete and capable internet browser client enterprise GIS, which is able to fully replace the traditional desktop GIS application. A single enterprise licence allows organisations to deploy unlimited geospatial application capabilities and functionality to unlimited numbers of users in unlimited locations - all from one application server.
  • Web standards
  • Spatial database management systems
    Oracle, PostGIS, SQLite
  • Messaging protocols
  • Publish standards
  • Extensions
    .NET, SQL
  • Metadata
    Creation, Management, Others

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