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Azimap Azimap

  • Azimap Azimap
Union House / Union Street
BT80 8NP Co. Tyrone
United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland


  • Year of introduction
  • Year of last update
  • Supported hardware
    Azimap is a web base GIS application, which provides users with the oportunity to present, capture and analyse spatial data from multiple data sources. Azimap is an affordable GIS application which is available as a subscription or enterprise level application.
  • Supported operation system
  • Main GIS category
  • GML version
  • Compression
  • Type of data storage
  • Input formats
  • Export formats
  • Spatial reference system
  • Lines
  • Points
  • Surfaces
  • Raster
  • Positioning by coördinates
  • Positioning by snapping
  • Positioning in relation to other element
  • Select
    By drawing attributes, Select by administrative attributes, Within buffer, Spatial selection, Multiple select, Others
  • Remove
  • Coordinate transformations
  • Mosaicing
  • Generalization
  • Graphic transformations
  • Merge
    Map layers, Attribute table to geometry, Others
  • Clip
  • Buffer
    Point buffer, Line buffer, Polygon buffer, Multiple buffers, Dissolve buffers, Other
  • Overlay operations
    Intersection, Union, Symmetrical difference, Difference, Spatial join, Other
  • Types
  • Change view
  • Thematic mapping
  • License or freeware
    Open source
  • Training
  • Main users
    Aziamp is suitable for businesses within the private and public sector and it is currently being used by major local authorities within the UK and Ireland.
  • Main applications
  • Extensions
  • Related products
  • Distinguishable features
  • Web standards
  • Spatial database management systems
  • Messaging protocols
  • Extensions
  • Available API’s
    Azimap is available as an API.
  • Metadata

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