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SOMAG AG Jena OSM 4000

Offshore Stabilization Mount for marine and land

The OSM 4000 is a two-axis gimbal for precise sensor stabilization in harsh marine and land environments. The gyro mount ensures high-quality data capturing and a stabilized field of view. With its hydraulic gimbal system, the OSM lifts an unprecedented payload of 160kg. The device can be used for mobile mapping and scanning, offshore surveys, coastal and harbour surveillance, anti-collision systems for USV's as well as offshore wind measurement systems and antenna stabilization.

  • SOMAG AG Jena OSM 4000
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SOMAG AG Jenas most powerful Gyro Stabilization Mount for land and marine applications stabilizes in real-time the angular motions of boats, ships, buoys and also Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV's/ ASV's) caused by waves. On land, the OSM 4000 stabilizes the pitch and roll movements of mobile land and rail vehicles. In any case this innovative device enables a highly precise and economic data acquisition. The Offshore Stabilization Mount is particularly dust-, splash- and saltwater resistant (IP class 67). The gyro stabilizer operates independently or with usage of external IMU data. With a mounting space of Ø600 mm and a possible payload up to 160 kilogramm this gyro stabilization platform enables a multitude of possible applications for antennas and a wide range of large sensor systems like 360°-, hyperspectral-, infrared- and video cameras as well as laser scanners and offshore wind measurement systems. The device can be used for mobile mapping and scanning, offshore surveys, coastal and harbor surveillance, marine patrol and anti-collision systems for USV's. SOMAG AG Jena provides an app, the SOMAG Mount Control App, for each device. With the App, the mount can be controlled manually, a status analysis can be carried out and various features, which are additionally available, can be activated.


  • Year of initial development
  • Operation Area
    Land, Marine
  • Stabilization System Type
    Hydraulic Gimbal System
  • Applied Standards
    RTCA DO-160-G, EUROCAE-14G, ISO 7137, 2006/42/EC Machinery
  • Platform height [mm]
  • Platform weight [kg]
  • Payload weight (max) [kg]
  • Usable diameter [mm]
  • Sensor compatibility
    Adaptable with nearly every marine and land camera or sensor with a maximum weight of 160 kg
  • connections
    RS 422/USB
  • Pitch [°]
  • Roll [°]
  • Yaw/Drift / [°]
    no drift correction
  • Residual deviation of the horizontal axis [° rms]*
  • Other
    Independent stabilization because of internal Gyros. Usable with or without external IMU data.
  • Min input [V]
  • Max input [V]
  • Typical power consumption [W]
  • Max power consumption [W]
  • Min operating temp [°C]
    -15 (optional -35)
  • Max operating temp [°C]
  • Min storage temp [°C]
  • Max storage temp [°C]
  • Other
    IP 67 complient
  • Distinguishable features
    Usable with SOMAG Mount Control App, for example Firmware Update can be made via App
  • Typical applications
    Adaptable to almost every land and marine camera, sensor, antenna, data acquisition system in general.

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