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SOMAG AG Jena SOMAG Gyro Stabilization Mount CSM 40

Gyro Stabilization Mount for small format sensors and cameras

The Compact Stabilization Mount 40 is an extra small Gyro Stabilization Mount for single medium format cameras and sensors. Equipped with high-precision built-in sensors, the CSM 40 is designed to detect aircraft movements to automatically compensate for roll, pitch and yaw motions in real-time. The Mount ensures the payload remains in a leveled position for the best data acquisition quality.

  • SOMAG AG Jena SOMAG Gyro Stabilization Mount CSM 40
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The Compact Stabilization Mount 40 is an extra small Gyro Stabilization Mount for single medium format cameras and sensors. With a compact design and a low weight of 5.2 kg, the mounting system is particularly suitable for ultralight aircraft and UAVs. The Mount features an electromechanical gimbal system and stabilizes payloads up to 15 kilogram.
SOMAG offers optionally a Passive Vibration Isolation Ring (PaVIR) to decouple high-frenquency oscillations.

Like all SOMAG Mounts the CSM 40 can read in external IMU data, can be connected to a Flight Management System and can be used with the SOMAG Mount Control App.

SOMAG offers the following optional software features to customize your CSM 40 to your operational requirements:

  • Leveling Offset: adjustment of the Mount virtual horizon
  • End Stop Limits incl. Block axis: adjustment of the Mount movement range and blocking of axes
  • Status/Analysis: logging and analyzing functions in SOMAG Mount Control App
  • IMU Installation Position on Vehicle Frame: adjustment of horizontal IMU position
  • Installation Direction: adjustment of Mount horizontal installation direction
  • AUX port: enables communication to 3rd party interface


  • Stabilization System Type
    Electromechanical gimbal system
  • Applied Standards
    RTCA DO-160-G, EUROCAE-14G, ISO 7137, 2006/42/EC Machinery
  • Operation Area
  • Year of initial development
  • Platform length [mm]
  • Platform width [mm]
  • Platform height [mm]
  • Platform weight [kg]
  • Payload weight (max) [kg]
  • External control unit weight [kg]
  • Usable diameter [mm]
  • Sensor compatibility
    Adaptable with nearly every small format sensor or camera.
  • Pitch [°]
    ≤± 15.0
  • Roll [°]
    ≤± 15.0
  • Yaw/Drift / [°]
    ≤± 25.0
  • Residual angular rate of the horizontal axes [°/s rms
    ≤± 0.5
  • Residual deviation of the horizontal axis [° rms]*
    ≤± 0.08
  • Residual deviation of the vertical axis [°rms]*
    ≤± 0.3
  • Vibration isolation system
    Passive Vibration Isolation Ring reduces vibrations drastically. Important because high frequency excitations of the airplane can cause serious damages to the sensitive sensor systems.
  • Other
    Independent stabilization because of internal Gyros. Usable without an external IMU.
  • Min input [V]
  • Max input [V]
  • Typical power consumption [W]
  • Max power consumption [W]
  • Min operating temp [°C]
  • Max operating temp [°C]
  • Min storage temp [°C]
  • Max storage temp [°C]
  • Other
    Especially suitable for the usage in unmanned vehicles and drones.
  • Distinguishable features
    USB port, RS 232, SOMAG Mount Control App
  • Typical applications
    Adaptable to nearly every LiDAR system, camera, scanner, geospatial data acquisition systems in general with a maximum weight of 15 kg.

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